Dan Says – Week Fifteen

Last week marked the 20 Year Anniversary of the nail bomb attack at The Admiral Duncan in Soho, and there was a little vigil held for the occasion. As always, I’d double booked myself and was unable to stay around the vigil for too long but I popped by, saw some Soho locals and took some pictures. A quaint and sweet little event with such an important memory of the injustices that the LGBT community have experienced & in some cases…still experience.

I was invited to the shop opening of Africology, a beauty brand which has opened itself up in Covent Garden. The drinks were provided by The Alchemist and were a range of gorgeous cocktails (that I can’t really remember as I drank so many of them). I know one was White Orchid and had a shot of prosecco with it. There was also a non-alcoholic cocktail (god knows why I remember that?) that had rose water in it and bubbled up like a magic potion. Africology offers a wide range of different beauty products including this fat-removal body cream that comes in at £20 and I’m gagging to try it. There was a mini raffle where the item was a prize to win but sadly my luck was not in favour. All in all. A wonderful party with lots to drink…

Ashley Tisdale – ‘Symptoms’

Ashley Tisdale - Symptoms (Audio)

‘Symptoms’ is the title track of Ashley Tisdale’s third record & possibly my favourite track of the record. It details the feeling of meeting someone new and being unable to fully comprehend the idea of being in a new relationship. Ashley struggles with the idea of commitment due to heartbreak and its a really sweet and endearing notion (not one I can fully relate to) and is ridden with self doubt “maybe i’m psycho / gimme a white coat”.

Zara Larsson – ‘Wow’

Zara Larsson - WOW (Official Audio)

‘Wow’ marks the third release from the forthcoming Zara Larsson album & is a collab with Marshmello. The track is a synth-laced little number about wooing a lover and is a real Marshmello number. It has that electro-pop grind to it and is ridden with Zara feeling herself “you make me feel so fucking pretty”. I can imagine a remix to this going OFF.

Sophie Anderson – ‘Driving For Dick’

YouTube player

Probably going to get into heaps of trouble for this but it’s my column; so oh well…Sophie Anderson is part of The Cock Destroyers, who are these porn stars / Twitter lasses that are meme heaven. They’re highly sexual and incredibly camp. This track comes from one of the two… Sophie…big tits, big love of sex and big personality. The track is an Ibiza club night ready to happen (or maybe a dingy gay club).

Iggy Azalea – ‘Started’

Iggy Azalea - Started (Official Music Video)

‘Started’ marks the second release from Iggy’s forthcoming second album (can’t believe she doesn’t have a second album yet!) and it’s a banger. Its a narrative not too dissimilar for Iggy – the rags to riches tale that she covered exceptionally in her single ‘Work’ however the visual for ‘Started’ is a Top 5 for me. It features drag queens Trixxie Mattel,  and my current obsession Vanessa Vanjie! Its got this “killing your sugar daddy” plot to it and its exceedingly colourful & high fashion. For an indie star, Iggy sure as hell brings it.

LANY – ‘Okay’ (feat. Julia Michaels)

LANY, Julia Michaels - okay (Official Lyric Video)

I love Julia Michaels. Everything she does is gold dust for me, and the track ‘Okay’ is no exception. I’m trying to work out if the song is about a breakup or a relationship that’s got comfortable but either way…the track is ridden with hope & self doubt which is basically Julia Michaels’ narrative.

I spent the bank holiday at my friend Lauren’s and we’ve got drunk, eaten pizza and watched The Greatest Showman, which I’d never seen before! I’m also going to be taking a little hiatus from my weekly column. I’m going on a little break from life for a little while and going to blackout my social media use for a bit. Don’t worry. I’ll be back. I just need to spend some time in Cornwall – go to the gym, go for long walks, smoke less & just re-centre myself.

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