Lorenzo Doryon Releases The Anthemic ‘Straight Into The Fire’

25-year old Italian-American model Lorenzo Doryon has swapped the photo studio for the recording studio as he gears up to release his debut EP. ‘Straight Into The Fire’ is a single taken from the EP and opens with Lorenzo singing “Take the dark days and send them to the sun” as the electronic clap beat kicks in and then blends with soaring electric guitar. The chorus is anthemic and is perfect for a live gig sing-along as the punch the air Clubland-esque beat pumps rhythmically.

Dan Says – Week Two

We’ve hit February! I’m sure January was longer than the entire of 2018? I had a lovely Saturday having brunch at Bao and Bing. It was so cool! It’s this cute little Thai cuisine restaurant just off Baker Street. You pick two buns and then your pieces inside the buns… Bao is like this fluffy, steamed bun and it’s absolutely scrumptious. I had salmon, avocado and vine tomatoes with me and a glass of prosecco or two. They also do this really fun thing where you can pick a number between 1-150 and if your number is called from this bingo box, your meal is free.