Janine The Machine – ‘Snatched’

Janine The Machine is headed to new heights with her new workout anthem, ‘Snatched’, a celebration of self-love, confidence, and body positivity.

Infectious melodies, perfectly timed cadences, memorable lyrics, are all qualities of a perfect pop song and Jane The Machine knows all about them. She puts her talents to good use on her new single ‘Snatched’, and raps, sings, delivers an insanely catchy hook, she teases, she boasts, she captivates and fascinates from beginning to end. ‘Snatched’ builds on the success of her previous releases, but it’s also possibly the most irresistible, straightforward pop song she’s ever cut. Not only that, it leaves the listener without a doubt about her love for fitness and self-care: she gives a shout-out to yoga and pilates, while promoting body positivity with lines like: “And that scale gets no love / We already know what’s up / Forget that number, baby I’m in my zone.”

The video of course catches Janine The Machine in the gym, but it’s no ordinary fitness centre. Rather, it’s gleaming white, well-lit, and filled with beautiful women who know a thing or two about training. Wearing some of the most outrageous exercise outfits imaginable – glittery lips, liquid gold bodysuits, neon spandex, colour-coordinated towels and sky-high platforms, a la the Spice Girls, one thing is for certain, Janine may be sweating, but she never loses her sense of style.

Check out Janine The Machine on Twitter. Watch the video for ‘Snatched’ below.

Janine The Machine- Snatched (Official Music Video)

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