Imposter EP Is An Honest Ode To Self-Love And Acceptance

Jonatha Brooke is back with her latest effort in a long line of successful musical releases. Having spent time working with Katy Perry and writing songs for Disney, it’s about time that this Massachusetts-born singer-songwriter took some time out to write for herself, and with her new EP Imposter, Brooke achieves this and so much more.

Imposter is an EP with a strong focus on self-acceptance and loving your own imperfections, carried off in the theatrical travelling band feel which so defines this record.

Kicking off with the title track, the lyrical content of this EP immediately sets out its key themes of unconditional self-love and acceptance of the imperfections you see in yourself, a poignant message for today’s climate and one which should come as welcome reassurance for any listener. ‘Imposter’ is an ode to Brooke’s inner critic, a humble admitting to being a sufferer of imposter syndrome, and a truly relatable piece of music. The instrumentation is simple and stripped back, as it is for the majority of the EP, allowing Brooke’s intellectual and confessional lyrics to take centre stage.

Next track, ‘Fire’ continues in a similar vein, making use of this thrown-together feel as if Jonatha is leading a band through the streets, gathering musicians along the way. She tells us that “it’s real” as if we needed any more reassurance that these lyrics were coming directly from her heart. We are drawn more and more into her world and invited to display our own weird imperfections – coincidentally, it is these which make us perfect – alongside Jonatha’s own.

‘Twilight’ is a departure from the pair of self-assured upbeat songs which opens the album, and Jonatha illustrates for us now that there is also strength in vulnerability as she shows off her softer side. The lyrics are once again the take away from this track as she confesses her “imperfect” love and makes use of a whole host of gorgeous imagery in this very real, very honest love song.

Last two tracks ‘Revenge’ and ‘True to You’ are perfect choices to round off this very unique EP. We feel treated to have this access into Jonatha’s private thoughts and feelings and the EP ends with a heartfelt plea to the greater powers about with sincerity and emotionally-charged instrumentation, with the same powerful and impressive lyrical ingenuity which Brooke has proven she has throughout this entire offering.

Listen to the audio for title track Imposter below!

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