Trouble In The Streets – ‘Chasing Whatever’

Austin trio Trouble In The Streets released their latest EP, ‘Rule Breaker’, and everything about the group defies all expectations. Their music takes its inspiration from hip hop, punk, electronic music, dream pop, avant-soul, and experimental sounds.

The line between audience and band gets blurred in a big way at Trouble In The Streets’ concerts, as the musicians’ approachability and listeners’ enthusiasm coalesce. Their lyrics take a frequently confrontational, and uncompromising stance, but they’re also hopeful invitations to outsiders like them, to come join the rebellion, and ‘Chasing Whatever’ is no less an invitation.

With dynamic musicians such as producer/keyboardist/bassist Andy Leonard, and drummer Bobby Snakes, they’re already an incredible band – but it’s singer and synth player Nnedi Nebula Agbaroji who’s the main focus of the clip for ‘Chasing Whatever’, shot by Johnny Underwood. She addresses the camera with supreme confidence, shot against Texas greenery, with her bandmates by her sides, all three ready for the fight.

Find Trouble In The Streets on their official website.

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