SAYONNE ft. K-Starr – ‘6 (Ignited)’ And ‘2 Worlds (Remember)’

Sayonne’s Caribbean infused RnB is a hot and festive party starter; deeply personal, and at the same time, beautifully graceful. Her voice evokes both the beaches of Trinidad, and the clubs of Los Angeles. All of this is amply demonstrated in her singles, ‘6 (Ignited)’, and ‘2 Worlds (Remember)’.

Sayonne’s music draws from reggae, soca, contemporary pop, and the classic stylings of 70s and 80s singer-songwriters, while the videos for the songs, which accompany them, directed by LJ Balkaran, express her aesthetic perfectly.

‘6 (Ignited)’ captures her tropical roots, shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Balkaran makes use of the gorgeous emerald waters, and stunning blue skies, as well as zip lines, horse rides through the surf, buggy rides on dirt paths through the jungle, and loads of fun on the sand. It’s a tourism agency’s dream, showcasing the island paradise perfectly.

The clip for ‘2 Worlds (Remember)’ is in stark contrast to the previous video, and gets up close and personal with the singer. It starts with a moving equence in which Sayonne, sings in front of a display of photographs of inspiring artists we’ve lost, her heartfelt gratitude evident with every word. The clip finishes with Sayonne on a swing, eyes closed, deep in reflection.

Find out more about Sayonne online from her official website.

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