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Gino McKoy knows that if you want to change the game you have to have an eye on the bigger picture, and keep mindful of the lay of the land. He’s got his fingers in many pies, including the music, fashion, and film world, and his first ever composition was included at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Goldove, his music, film, and fashion business, has now become an international empire to be reckoned with. Gino is a talented singer/songwriter, film and music video director, screenwriter, and movie producer. Never mind triple threat, he’s a threat everywhere!

Gino McKoy’s upcoming independent sci-fi horror film, ‘Lumina’, is set for release to 2,500-plus screens in North America, and distributed by Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures/Freestyle Releasing and Worldwide theatrically with Filmnation. This release will be followed by one on streaming platforms suchh as Netflix.

One of the songs on the ‘Lumina’ soundtrack is McKoy’s latest release, ‘Sensy Girl’. The track has been produced by McKoy alongside the legendary David Kershenbaum, and mixed by Mick Guzauski, who is a 15 time Grammy award winner, who has mixed over 25 number one Billboard chart hits in his musical career.  McKoy’s parents are also seasoned performers, whose combined CV includes everything from Caribbean music to classical.

Never one to tread the same path as everyone else, Gino and his collaborator, Diamond decided to write a positive, soulful anthem about women and weed. The song began with a guitar riff and finished with a classic yet modern RnB track which showcases McKoy’s natural songwriting talent, classical voice training, along with Diamond’s lyrical flow. The word “sensy” is derived from “Sensimilla”, the female strain of the cannibas plant, and in particular, its Caribbean nickname. ‘Sensy Girl’ is uplifting and bouncy, with killer synths and a hooky beat. As Gino says, it’s a “celebration of women and music everyone can listen and dance to.”

Gino is putting 20% of the merchandising revenue for “Sensy Girl” into his new women and children’s charity, Kinder Crisis. The track is also something of a theme song for one of the strong female leads in Lumina, who definitely matches that positive description of a Sensy Girl.

The song’s unique angle, with its focus upon women, required a careful, cinematic approach to shoot. He and his team used vintage lenses, for a grainy, classic look. The raw, industrial, urban space is bare, so all eyes stay on the women and the generous clouds of silky smoke that envelop them as they exhale.

It’s Nouveau Chic, but with old-school visual effects, akin to the approach he took with Lumina. To make the visuals even more striking, McKoy not only Directed and wrote the treatment for the music video but he also brought in the talents of Chris Jensen, the mind behind the colour grading for the live-action ‘Aladdin’, M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’, Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’, and ‘Ready Player One’.

You can watch ‘Sensy Girl’ here:

Gino McKoy - Sensy Girl

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