Edward Cantu Releases New Song ‘Return’

Edward Cantu has released his new easy to listen to song, ‘Return’, which is now available to stream through Soundcloud.

The song begins with a soft guitar melody before gently building the more you listen to it. The simple yet effective lyrics flow smoothly alongside the music giving the listener a pleasant listening experience. ‘Return’ is perfect for when you’re wanting to relax and forget all your troubles and escape in to a daydream.

Cantu’s music draws inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver without completely mimicking his style and making his songs 100% his own. ‘Return’ will draw in fans of Bon Iver but still discover a brand new original artist. It’s a win-win situation and something folk listeners will not regret discovering.

Cantu released his song ‘High Definition’ back in February which gives off the same chilled out vibes as ‘Return’. His vocals and lyrics have a sort of charm about them that makes you want to have his music on repeat. Both songs are perfect for a rainy day where you have nothing to do and you can sit back and just enjoy the art Cantu has created.

You can listen to more of Edward Cantu’s music on his SoundCloud account.

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