Neighbours Star Bonnie Anderson Shares Debut UK Single ‘Sorry’

Bonnie Anderson - photo credit Michelle Grace Hunder

Forgive, but never forget. That’s the message of strength and resilience behind ‘Sorry’, the powerhouse new single from rising singer-songwriter and actress Bonnie Anderson, a bright new force in Australian music. Released today April 8th, ‘Sorry’ is the kind of pop song that only comes around once in a blue moon – passionate and emotive, steely-eyed in its conviction and magnetic in sound. It’s the kind of work that can come only from the most fiercely devoted musician, who’s fuelled by little more than skill, taste and dedication.

Sorry isn’t Anderson’s first release – even at the age of 24, she’s already achieved incredible success on multiple levels, including having a platinum hit in her native Australia, and currently starring as Beatrix on ‘Neighbours’ – but this is most certainly the truest introduction to audiences that Anderson has ever made.

Fortuitously for Bonnie, her ‘Neighbours’ character is also a singer, and mirrors her own passion for music, with new single Sorry heavily interwoven into the current storyline. Sweet and soulful in equal measure, the gospel-influenced ‘Sorry’ will be performed on ‘Neighbours’ in mid-April.

The power behind ‘Sorry’ is earth-shaking and heartbreaking. Anderson’s central cry of “sorry won’t turn back time” speaks to the breakdown of a passionate but toxic relationship she experienced that ultimately made her much stronger and more defiant as a result.

“I wrote Sorry in 2016 when I was spending a bit of time in LA,” Anderson explains of the song’s conception. “I wrote a lot about my relationship—the broken times as well as the good times—and Sorry was the product of the clear mind that songwriting process gave me.” “Writing Sorry felt like a huge weight off my back,” she reveals. “I even shed a tear when recording the vocals, which was nice as I can hold my emotions in sometimes. It took me a long time, but I learned eventually that I’m worthy of a better me.”

“The message throughout Sorry is about standing up and saying enough is enough,” Anderson affirms. “It’s about accepting the fact that we all experience different walks of life and we may end up in places we’re not proud of, but we should never regret where we come from and what we’ve been through.”

Anderson writes with clarity, and hints at the power and artistic creativity that audiences are still yet to see from up-coming singles. This kind of emotive, artful music is what Anderson wants to pursue in life. With that, and the fact she’s already got a built-in fanbase with a global TV audience seeing her perform her songs – it’s safe to say Bonnie Anderson has a bright musical future ahead of her.

‘Sorry’ is out today through BMG, and is available to stream and download here. Find Bonnie Anderson online on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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