Jerad Finck Releases Heartwarming New Single ‘Home’

Returning with a new musical offering, singer-songwriter Jerad Finck’s recent release ‘Home’ is an uplifting electro pop piece accompanied by emotionally charged lyrics that reflect on the importance of belonging.

Recently signing what Jerad himself calls “The biggest deal of my life” with OneRPM, it seems as thought industry tastemakers and listeners alike are beginning to truly understand the talents of this Spokane artist. Having already co-written with Steven Solomon, of James Arthur’s smash hit single ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’, Finck is now looking to build on his recent successes with the release of ‘Home’.

As a song, ‘Home’ takes the listener on a reflective journey. The introduction’s wistful melodies and expressive harmonies, work in unison to create a dream like sound, whilst the strong synth presence in the verses reinstates Jerad’s electronic side. As the track moves into the chorus we hear a different sound from Finck as he illustrates his propensity for creating downtempo and yet high intensity passages.

Despite the tempo changes and instrumental changes, the message of ‘Home’ remains true throughout: that there is a way back to the path you started on no matter how far from home you feel.

Listen to ‘Home’ below and head here to find out more about this enigmatic new artist.

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