Andie Duquette Releases Highly Anticipated New Country-Rock Album ‘Here We Are’

Andie Duquette has just released her highly anticipated new album ‘Here We Are’ through the Spectra Music Group, and it’s now available to stream and download worldwide.

Andie Duquette is a Canadian country rock singer from Montreal, Quebec. She’s been known to favour a dab of “edge” in her personal brand of country music, whether we talk about her strong and direct “women first” lyrics, to some of her more robust songs. You’ll find Andie to be somewhere between Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert, but there’s no mistaking it: this country girl is definitely rock’n roll and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Watch the music videos for ‘Nothin’ On Me’, and ‘Lock Stock and Barrel’, the first two hit singles from ‘Here We Are’ by Andie Duquette here:

Andie Duquette - Nothin' On Me (Official Video)

‘Lock Stock and Barrel’:

Andie Duquette - Lock Stock and Barrel (Official Lyric Video)

Download ‘Here We Are’ by Andie Duquette on iTunes. Find Andie Duquette online on her official website, and Twitter.

You can also find Spectra Music Group on their official website, and Twitter.

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