Dan Says – Week Twelve

I’m just so excited about the future. I don’t want to give away too much about certain things in my personal life as I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging but I’m 100% in love with this year thus far & I’m really excited to see the rest of it unfold.

I was delighted to be treated by work colleagues with an array of leaving gifts – lilies, digestives, cards and a sugar bowl (even though there’s a massive whodunit over who was responsible for the sugar bowl). Ironically my last day at my office is now seemingly Monday but its okay…my leaving party isn’t until the 26th. So we have plenty of time to dwindle until then.

Emma Bunton – ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’

Emma Bunton - Don't Call Me Baby (Official Audio)

On paper, Emma Bunton covering the 90s banger ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ is genius. It’s a 90s banger & a slight tongue-in-chic reference to her Spice Girl nickname & a way of diverting audience to the solo Spice star & not align the two together. Her cover of the track is wonderful. Its super sensual, super sexual & as I keep telling my friends…they should remix it & send it to radio with an Ibiza beat. I can see it tearing up the clubs like no-one’s business. Baby is back bitch but like I said to a boy recently…don’t call me (her) baby.

P!nk – ‘Can We Pretend’ (Feat. Cash Cash)

P!nk - Can We Pretend ft. Cash Cash (Official Lyric Video)

‘Can We Pretend’ serves as the third release from P!nk’s new album & its a really different sound for her. She’s gone all dance-pop on us. It feels very much like an Ellie Goulding number & it’s fantastic but in all true P!nk style there’s witty lyrics throughout “how our daddy issues took us to LA” or the tongue-in-chic “can we pretend that we both like the president?”. The track is euphoria at its highest & again…its a softer vocal for P!nk & I bloody appreciate that.

DJ Lady Lloyd – ‘Just Another’ (Severino & Faber Remix)

Just Another (Severino and Faber Remix)

If there’s one thing you need to know about DJ Lady Lloyd, he does not take himself too seriously and he’s got a remarkable music knowledge. His delve into a music career isn’t a shock (and after the cult hit ‘Slice Me Nice’ can you blame him for pursuing music further?). He’s teamed up with Boy George for another house number where Lloyd excels in what he does best… voices his whit & opinion and this time its the Kardashians who face the wrath of his humour. “You’re just another Kendall, Schmendell, Khloe, Zoey / you’re just another Kim Kardashasian / you’re just another Kylie, Khloe, Kendall, thingy”. The track is tongue-in-chic & I can imagine it playing at Fire in Vauxhall at 7am.

Tame Impala – ‘Borderline’

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The psychedelic pop of Tame Impala continues on their infectious new release ‘Borderline’. The track is a little bit more funky than previous works but still maintains their psychedelic sound that I’m super partial to. There is such a beauty of uncertainty with the lyrics as Kevin sings “will I be known and loved / is there one that I trust” and it feels like he’s having a conversation with himself. It truly is captivating.

Rachel Barlaam – ‘Let My Heart Go’

Let My Heart Go

‘Let My Heart Go’ is one of the most hypnotic tracks in my jurisdiction. Its weird to know the singer as well as I do and know that her song, lyrics, melody and heartbreak are all things I’ve adopted for myself as I’m super unlucky in love & this song always finds it way back to me. I remember when I first heard it in 2012/2013 and was blown away by the rawness Rachel puts in with the explosive “oh you have led me onto this / boy you put on quite a show” before pleasing “but I don’t wanna close these doors / so I’ll let my heart go”. The track serves as a journey. You see this defeated soldier prevailing through heartbreak & gaining back their self worth, as they pick themselves up and carry on “good luck finding your way in a world that is fake all the time”.

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