Dan Says – Week Eleven

Not gonna lie; its been quite a low key week for me. I’ve currently saving super hard for my trip to Baltimore next month, among other exciting things, but it really has got me thinking about things happening. I realised that unless the occasion involves alcohol I’m often not partial to attendance. I spent Thursday & Friday drinking away at the local pub; drinking the night away with colleagues and smoking just a little too much. We’ll look back on these occasions with such fondness, even if they do end with myself jumping into the back of a cab en-route to a hook up I 100% should not be pursuing. 

It’s been quite a sad week however as a big Britney fan to learn of her check in to a mental health facility. Its great that she’s taking the steps to help herself, its just so heart-breaking. I saw a thing on Twitter about streaming ‘Stronger’ to show we care; it isn’t too much struggle for me as it’s such an empowering & layered track.

Otherwise, I must confess, my weekend has been spent bingeing ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ on Netflix. I really shouldn’t endorse it as my father is a crazy Christian but there’s just something so camp about the show. I’m beyond hooked! Michelle Gomez (Lilith) electrifies every scene she’s in, as does Miranda Otto. The show has this really interesting narrative about female empowerment among the satanic beliefs and there is such an interesting underlying message, like in old school Christianity, how women should be subservient to men. Truly fascinating.

Ariana Grande & Victoria Monet – ‘Monopoly’

Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét - MONOPOLY (Official Video)

Ariana is the gift that just keeps giving. ‘Monopoly’ is a ‘thank you’ track to her fans and the track is nothing short of wonderful; to be relegated to a rare b-side number is simply understating the number. It’s bold, it’s fun and lyrically sees Ariana not having her worth undermined, nor her sexuality as she playfully coos “I like women & men”. The track is also about friendship and in theory is nothing short of being a cute track.

Tulisa – ‘Daddy’


I’ve always stanned Tulisa. I remember me & my friend Eddie left a Theatre after party of some old uni friends to watch her play in Heaven. She’s always had this edge of fascination over her & I’ve always really enjoyed her music. ‘Daddy’ marks no difference there… the song’s release feels like it has come out of nowhere and lyrically seems to reach for her gay audience as she yearns for a protective lover she can call daddy…a term coined by the LGBT+ audience. It’s a little on the worrying scale but its Tulisa…so its fine.

Rita Ora – ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

‘Big Yellow Taxi’ is such a momentum of a track. We all know the original Joni track but its always interesting to hear different people’s adaptations and Rita’s is far more laid back and vocally driven. Its really cute & she gets so into it that she kinda forgets to end. I’m also a little obsessed with the way she sings “parking lot”.

LSD – ‘No New Friends’

LSD - No New Friends (Official Audio) ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

I’m not going to lie but I’m still on the fence about how I feel about the Labrinth, Sia & Diplo supergroup LSD, however I must confess that I am fond of ‘No New Friends’. It does feel very Sia and her childish gleeful “la la la” as Labrinth demands “no new friends” is fruitful & fun and certainly one of the stronger moments of the group’s discography thus far.

Jonas Brothers – ‘Cool’

Jonas Brothers - Cool (Official Video)

The resurgence in the Jonas Brothers popularity is slightly baffling for me to understand as no-one was too invested in their 2009 single ‘Paranoid’, which was a superbop. ‘Cool’ marks their second release this year and it’s quite the jam, even if I believe its a track from Nick’s leftover unreleased third album as it quotes his sophomore album’s title. The track is swell though. Super summery and makes me want a juicy lemonade.

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