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Social Media Tips For Pet Lovers

If you’re a pet owner, and you love how much your pet has enriched your life, creating a social media account dedicated to them can be a great thing to do. It can help to document your relationship with your pet, and give yourself a timeline of how far the two of you have come together, and you can share that joy with the rest of the world. 

However, creating a social media account for your pet is a little different to having one that revolves around you and your life. As such, we’ve got some tips for you below to take in, if you’re planning to hop onto Instagram and see just how famous your puppy can get!

Everyone Loves Pets!

And that’s why you need to figure out your niche well ahead of time. There are millions of pet Instagram profiles and Facebook pages, and knowing how you fit into the community is a big part of your journey to success. Of course, simply posting a few pictures of your cute pet can take you a long way, but it’s not the kind of content you need for the social media presence you’re going for. 

You need to think about the kind of content you’d love to see from a pet social media profile, and try to fill the gap. Indeed, working out your pet niche/angle can take a lot of time when you do this, but you’re perfectly allowed to experiment here. Make plenty of different posts here and there, from talking about famous cat names from films to your favourite dog or cat breeds, and see what really sticks with your audience. 

Or you could take another stance, and try to identify your audience ahead of time. Work out what it is they like from pet social media pages, and offer a bit more of the same. Once you’re comfortable with your followers, you can start to branch out a little. 

A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

You may think that, as a pet social media account, you can only work with pet related brands. However, the truth is far from this! As when it comes to attracting brands that you’d like to work with and/or be sponsored by, all you need to do is get creative. And seeing as pets just love to hang out with you, you can set them up with all kinds of backgrounds, props, and captions on your pictures. 

Maybe you’re a big musical fan? Well, dress up your pooch as a character from Hamilton and you might just attract the attention of a related brand. Maybe you love a certain book or TV show or video game? Once again, get the right costume and backdrop and you’ll be well on your way to pulling in the people who can put you in touch with the brand you’d really love to represent. 

Just make sure you’re taking care of your pet whenever you’re dressing them up, and are not directly spraying them with any dyes or gels that could harm them. Your pet’s safety always comes first, and it’s good to explicitly state that in your caption as well. 

Carefully Work with Other Pet Influencers

Of course, even in the pet social media world, you need to be careful who you decide to work or collaborate with. Each and every social media account has their history, and has their own thoughts and opinions, and you need to be sure you’re not willingly working with someone who has some questionable practices. 

Because pets are living, breathing creatures, and require a lot of love and care – we all know this! However, quite a few people have been found to exploit our connection to animals, especially in recent years, and have exhibited dangerous behaviour as a result. From stories about influencers mistreating their animals, to the social media platforms themselves warning people against disturbing wild animals just to snap a quick shot of them, you need to stay up to date on how your fellow animal social media pages are acting. 

What To Remember 

If you want to open up a social media page that’s dedicated to the favourite animal in your life, make sure you know what you’re posting, who you’re posting for, and that you’re careful about who and what you work with. These methods can go a long way to ensuring you’re a positive presence online, and your pets only prosper as a result! 

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