John Paciga – ‘The F-Word’

Back in November we wrote about John Paciga’s single, ‘The F-Word’. It wasn’t the first time we’ve talked about the prodigious talent from New Jersey, and this definitely won’t be our last.

Previously we wrote about the lyric video for his single; now he’s released an official music video, which, like the rest of his clips, expands his repertoire, and shows a new side of his very winning personality.

‘Tickling The Ivories’, the lead single from his ‘Gotta Play’ EP, announced him as a pop connisseur, able to sit comfortably with the likes of piano masters, such as Billy Joel, and John Legend. His single, ‘The Prayer’ saw him strip back to the classical and operatic. Now, ‘The F-Word’, shows off the debt he owes to his biggest inspiration of all, Ben Folds.

John started at Yale University back in the autumn, and has since honed his skill set even further, landing himself a spot in the Yale Spizzwinks(?), the oldest underclassman A Capella group in the US. He’s had the opportunity to travel all over the country, and forged a brotherhood with other likewise gifted musicians. Together they will cover every single continent – except Antarctica – over the next 36 months. Not bad at all, when you consider John isn’t into his 20s yet.

Naturally, having such a pool of talent at hand, he enlisted their help in creating the official music video for ‘The F-Word’. It starts out with the crew kicking back in the dorm, but rapidly evolves into a full-blown theatrical performance. What sets it all off? John’s friends asking him to explain the meaning of, “The F-Word”.

Speaking about the song, John says,

It’s a story about the universality of the friend-zone… the cringe-worthy tribulations of high school romance that we’ve all endured – something some of remember wistfully, something some of us desperately want to forget.” The story would normally require a very long time, but in John’s own words “I suppose I could try to squash it all down into three and a half minutes and make a catchy, palatable, TLDR version of it.

Check out the new, official video for ‘The F-Word’, and also dip into the rest of John’s album, ‘No Alibi’. You can find out more about John Paciga online on his official website.

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