A Picture Made Releases ‘God Loves A Hell Of A Man’ From New Album ‘Heal’

A Picture Made feel like they’ve been around forever, and they pretty much have, watching bands come and go in their 35 years since they first came together sharing a shared dream to play rock and roll. Over the years, they’ve supported the likes of The Replacements, The Call, and The Connells, and now – finally – they’re set to release their debut album, ‘Heal’, on Goodspeed Records. First track from the record is ‘God Loves A Hell Of A Man’, which saw its premiere earlier this week on Earbuddy.

‘God Loves A Hell Of A Man’ is undoubtedly rock and roll, with the influence of the American Mid-West in its sound. It’s a song that’s been around for a while – it was originally released as a single back in 1986, but it’s lost nothing of its strength and relevance in that time. A Picture Made have been compared to the likes of R.E.M. and Hüsker Dü, but there’s a section of ‘God Loves A Hell Of A Man’ which calls to our minds the music of Australian legendary band, The Masters Apprentices, and in particular, their song, ‘It’s Because I Love You‘. It’s probably coincidence; The Masters Apprentices had a Mid-Western sound as well. ‘God Loves A Hell Of A Man’ is alt-rock, but there’s also tinges of heavy-rock; in any case the close vocal harmonies, as well as steady guitarwork, make ‘God Loves A Hell Of A Man’ incredibly accessible.

Why has it taken so long for A Picture Made to release their debut album? They released the EP, ‘Past’, back in 1988, as well as the afore-mentioned ‘God Loves A Hell Of A Man’ as a single in 1986. Regardless of whatever reason, ‘Heal’ is set for release on May 17 and comprises 13 tracks which cover the gamut of A Picture Made’s career, including their signature tracks, ‘Quitting Would Be Treason’, and ‘A Signal Hovering Over America’. Additionally, love songs – albeit with a bittersweet take, ‘Come To Me’ and ‘Behind Your Eyes’, are sure to give fans something to get their teeth into. There’s also a trio of ‘Heal’ songs; opening with the title track, it’s a quite clever move, taking the journey from healing itself, to the act of healing midway through the album (‘Heal You’ at track 7), and the final result, ‘Healed’, as the last song on the album. We need to mention as well, their track ‘Past’ was recorded and produced by Mitch Easter, who did a sterling job.

Thanks must also go to Inka Essenhigh for granting permission to the band to use her wonderful artwork (Ancient Trees) for the album cover of ‘Heal’.

‘Heal’ might be 35 years in the making, but it’s certainly not too late, and fans of A Picture Made – both new and original – will certainly enjoy it.

‘Heal’ is set for release on Goodspeed Records, May 17, 2019.

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  1. Thank you Lisa. We consistently leave light footprints. We must give credit to Inka Essenhigh for permission too use her wonderful artwork (Ancient Trees) for the album cover ‘Heal’ and point out Mitch Easter recorded and produced ‘Past’. We’ve never heard the work of The Masters Apprentices but soon will. Best. apm @a_picture_made

        1. Just a note, the world lost a great artist Monday. Ms. Sara Romweber was the kick ass drummer for Let’s Active and Snatches of Pink. The State of North Carolina and music lovers everywhere are in morning.

  2. As far as I was concerned circa the late 1980s, these guys were the best band in the world. I wonder if they still are? Glad to finally see a full-length album coming!

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