LORENNA Releases Her New Track ‘Wasn’t Made For Love’

Throwback to Valentines Day, talented singer Lorenna released her brand new animated pop-soul track ‘Wasn’t Made For Love’.

I think we can all agree that the best songs to listen to, are the ones that we can relate to the most. Finding a song that can put in to words exactly what you’re feeling gives comfort to a lot of people. ‘Wasn’t Made For Love’ is one of those songs. It’s a heavy topic that Lorenna has decided to write about and put out to the world. The track highlights the fact that your past traumatic experiences can affect your personal relationships.

She talks about how the past can disconnect you from the rest of the world an makes you question future relationships. Will we find love again? Or are we just incapable of the feeling? This is a situation that most of us experience and Lorenna sums it up beautifully.

The single was produced by Alex Williams and Guillermo De Angelis and recorded at Village Recording studio. It is now available to listen to through Spotify. Lorenna will be announcing the dates for her next single over the coming months, so be sure to get involved through her Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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