GOODING – ‘Because It Hurts’

Nashville-based rock quartet GOODING play with heartfelt emotion, with their music coming straight from their souls.

This is reflected in their non-music life as well, with the band taking time out to talk to high school groups about fiancial literacy and fiscal responsibility, and they’ve even gone so far as to set up a charity, ‘Funding The Future’, through which they give prudent approaches to personal economics.

Their musical passion gives them an authority on subjects that young people might not always think about, and Funding The Future has found so much success that it’s been featured on CNBC, NPRs ‘All Things Considered’, and in The Wall Street Journal.

Other causes GOODING have got behind include playing on military bases, and at Walter Reed Hospital, and they’ve also dedicated themselves to the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Touring constantly, they also speak at 80 to 100 high schools every year, and when they see something worth doing, they do it.

GOODING have also seen their music getting great exposure, with songs placed on ‘CSI’, ‘Portlandia’, and on the trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’, among other shows.

Their new album, ‘Building The Sun’, was released on September 21 and produced by Matt Wallace, who’s known for his work with Train, Blues Traveler, and Maroon 5, on their Grammy-nominated, ‘Songs About Jane’.

’Because It Hurts’ is the first track to be released from the album, and it’s frank, funky, and forthright, covering the subject of emotional vulnerability.

The video for ‘Because It Hurts’, is memorable for its imaginative approach to the frame, and its digital effects. It’s a visual metaphor for repressed self-expression, with the lead singer kicking at the edges of the screen, only to find it coming in closer. At the end, we see him singing between two tight black parallel lines, and yet, no matter how confining, he tries to make sure his message gets through.

Check out GOODING online on their official website.

GOODING - Because It Hurts (Official Video)

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