gv.grace – ‘F**k Golf’

gv.grace is a collaboration between Genevieve Patterson and Griff Snyder (performing as Genevieve and Griff Dymond), who create electronic pop with ethereal vocals, sensual undertones, and a dance groove, which leans towards the heavier side of pop. ‘F**k Golf’ is the latest in a series of creative and provocative music videos, which have included the wonderfully hallucinatory ‘Only You’, and the very intimate ‘Mai Love’.

The previous videos were independently-made, and demonstrated that the incredibly videogenic Genevieve is fully in control of her own sex appeal, and knows exactly how best to showcase it. For this new track however, gv.grace turned to Elise Mesner and Michael Atallah. who have created a deliciously irreverent and humorous video. It’s rude and crude, and does things to Astroturf we’ve never even thought of before.

With half-spoken vocals reminscent of Lena Lovich, ‘F**k Golf’ is the latest in a string of singles from the pair, and their first new release since their ‘Heaven Mouth’ EP from earlier this year. Before moving to LA from Denver, Genevieve was with indie-folk orchestra Paper Bird, while Griff fronted the art rock project, Inner Oceans.
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‘F**k Golf’ is probably not for the faint hearted, and certainly not one for golf lovers, but it’s fun and it’s sexy, and it’s been beautifully shot. Keep an eye out for what they do with the Astroturf.
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Check out gv.grace online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ‘F**k Golf’ is available to stream and download from iTunes and Spotify.
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