Emma Zander – ‘My Generation’ Out August 3

An uplifting and tongue-in-cheek take on modern stereotypes and Instagram-crazed culture – ‘My Generation’ is a bright and carefree EDM-pop track serving as Emma Zander’s upcoming latest single.

The song’s stripped-back summery feel gives way to her syrupy vocals that effortlessly play with a little attitude alongside the EDM track. Zander’s lyrics reflect a few of the flaws associated with 21st Century technology, thoughts on youth in the modern age and what it means to be obsessed with selfies, social media and having your face firmly cemented to a screen.

This isn’t her first foray into the world of music – Zander has previously featured on a number of EDM tracks and most notably on EDC Vegas’ 2017 theme song. ‘My Generation’ is a single that works as a playground for her flawless, rich vocals and proves that Emma Zander doesn’t take life too seriously. Yet, she still focuses a little time to touch on more serious topics which give the single depth.

Instrumentally the track is very simplistic – a main synth hook and classic EDM tone that is maintained throughout. But, it’s charming, infectious and colourful, and its accessible charm means that it almost feels ready to burst onto the Top 40 if it isn’t already trickling somewhere along the pop charts. Waiting in the wings to take hold as the next EDM summer anthem, Emma Zander is a voice to watch.

Find Emma Zander online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. ‘My Generation’ is out August 3.

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