Dhruv Visvanath – ‘Wild’

Sometimes it seems our path in life is already plotted for us. Dhruv Visvanath first felt this at the age of seven, when his mother told him, “women fawn over pianists” – leading of course to Dhruv learning piano. From there came his aunt, who introduced him to her acoustic guitar, the sounds of which enthralled the young boy. He soon moved on to electric guitar, following his new found obsession with metal music.

At the age of 16, Dhruv’s father tragically died, and became a major turning point in his life, and influenced everything around him, in particular his music. He had spent the majority of his childhood circling the globe, in countries such as Hong Kong, England, and Zambia, and so his creativity blossomed accordingly. When he returned home to India he discovered his distinctively non-Indian sound wasn’t something his local hometown audiences could get into. Eventually that wore off, and his fanbase expanded exponentially, with the New Delhi public flocking to Dhruv as an innovative talent.

Wild‘, the first single from Dhruv Visvanath’s new album, ‘The Lost Cause’, is a tale of a heart in search of freedom, from the confines of modern responsibility. Gripping and humanistic, it’s the sort of freedom a child feels running through a field, with the sun on his face. It comes with an inspirational look at a life of isolation through the eyes of living, breathing mops. The mops face loneliness and heartache, just like many others around the world. They’re shut down every time they want to do something greater in their lives. The stunning video is the brainchild of director Tanvi Gandhi, and will tug at the heartstrings of all who watch.

Find out more about Dhruv Visvanath on his official website.

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