Q&A With Synth-Pop Quartet Dead Ceremony

In conversation with synth-pop four-piece Dead Ceremony, they talk about their release ‘All This Noise’ and reveal more about their minimalist approach towards music.

EP: What would you say is the inspiration/message behind ‘All This Noise’?

DC: Musically, we are always trying to make super simple music, which is more difficult than it seems. Do you know the band called Majical Cloudz, we’ve been listening to them a lot and trying to do something similar to that. Lyrically, I think just trying to something anthemic in a way. It’s quite wordy, but the chorus is really simple.

EP: How would you say your sound evolved?

DC: Trying to have fewer elements is something we’re always trying to do with every track. There’s only about five things happening in the song. So it’s about ‘can you make a good track, with only a handful of things’ and it’s about making each thing sound really good. It’s about being more minimalistic.

EP: Has your music always been minimalist, or is that something that happened over time?

DC: It wasn’t, to start with. We kind of threw everything at it in the beginning. Now it’s more stripping back the layers and doing something simple.

EP: Was there something that prompted this change in music style?

DC: It’s just from working with different people and then gradually realizing what’s important in the music, over time.

EP: If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you want that to be?

DC: Oh, that’s a good question! Be more kind or be more instinctual.

EP: What’s been a major career highlight for the band? And what’s next for you?

DC: Highlight has just been putting out stuff and having people not just from the UK, but also America listen to it and stream it. I think that’s the cool thing about now with all the digital service providers-people are listening from places like Peru and Indonesia and send you messages like ‘I love your music’ and that’s really cool. Next, we’ve got this EP coming out.

EP: Finally, what’s one song on your personal playlist you’ve had on repeat recently and why?

DC: There’s a new Ben Howard song called ‘A Boat to an Island on the Wall’, which I think is incredible and I’ve been listening to it non-stop since it came out.

Listen to ‘All This Noise’ below:

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