The Best New Classic Songs To Add To Your Christmas Playlist

We all love Mariah Carey’s iconic ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and we can’t imagine a December without classic tunes such as ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘White Christmas’. But with countless new Christmas albums and tracks released every winter, why not refresh your festive playlists with some of the best holiday songs released in the past few years? Essentially Pop is here to help you, with a list of the best holiday hits released in the last decade! There are only two criteria: every song must have been released between 2010 and 2019 and it has to be a brand new original song (no covers)!

Kelly Clarkson – ‘Underneath the Tree’ (2013)

Taken by Kelly Clarkson’s 2013 Christmas album ‘Wrapped in Red’, this song is already a modern Christmas staple thanks to its infectious rhythm, powerhouse vocals and lively sax solo. In the song, written by Kelly and pop’s guru Greg Kurstin, the singer has had enough of cold and grey winters spent alone and joyfully celebrates a new love waiting for her “underneath the tree”.

Leona Lewis – ‘One More Sleep’ (2013)

Another song from 2013, this time the very successful “One More Sleep”. Recorded by Leona Lewis for her ‘Christmas, with Love’ album, it is already a very popular hit, having reached the top three in the UK on its release year and subsequently charting every single year since! The heart-warming song sees Leona impatiently counting down the days to Christmas, day in which she will be reunited with her lover.

Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue – ‘100 Degrees’ (2015)

About ‘100 Degrees’, Dannii said: “There’s not enough party Christmas songs, everyone has Christmas parties, but what music do you put on?”. It’s no surprise, then, that the Minogue sisters joined forces to deliver to the world one of the most clubby Christmas song in recent years. With its vintage disco influences the song is an highlight in Kylie’s ‘Kylie Christmas’ and it’s unmissable in every Christmas party playlist!

Sia – ‘Santa’s Coming for Us’ (2017)

It’s hard to pick just a single song from Sia’s brilliant festive album ‘Everyday Is Christmas’ (featuring only original songs written by the singer and Greg Kurstin). From the misfits’ holiday anthem ‘Ho Ho Ho’ to the sweet ‘Puppies Are Forever’, each and every track is a great addition to any kind playlist. ‘Santa’s Coming for Us’, along with its celebrity-filled video – featuring Kristen Bell among others – is the perfect combination of catchiness and festive spirit.

Mariah Carey and John Legend – ‘When Christmas Comes’ (2011)

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Mariah Carey (proof of this: she recently reached the number one position in the Billboard Hot 100 chart with ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ after 25 years from its release!) and we find it here, in our list, with the delicious “When Christmas Comes”, which features John Legend. Originally recorded as a solo song for Mariah’s second holiday album, appropriately named ‘Merry Christmas II You’, this duet version blends the two vocalists’ unmistakable voices in the most optimistic and tender Christmas song.

Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’ (2010)

Chris Martin’s mellow vocals carry this melancholic Christmas tune released by the band in 2010. A departure from the typically joyful festive sound, its soft instrumentation and cosy atmosphere help us remind that there’s nothing wrong about feeling a bit lonely on Christmas. Note: to put in your playlist rigorously after ‘Last Christmas’!

Justin Bieber – ‘Mistletoe’ (2011)

Mistletoe is a single from Justin Bieber’s ‘Under the Mistletoe’. A sweet and warm tune, accompanied by a very romantic video featuring a young Justin, it’s the perfect soundtrack for Christmas’ most intimate moments.

Ariana Grande – ‘Santa Tell Me’ (2014)

It’s pretty obvious that Ariana Grande loves Christmas, given that she already released two Christmas EPs, featuring both original songs and covers. ‘Santa Tell Me’ is taken from the first one, named ‘Christmas Kiss’, and it’s a cute bubbly track that it’s just too catchy to ignore! A brilliant addiction to any Christmas party playlist!

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