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Iconic And Timeless Songs Featuring Flowers

People have been using flower references in songs for centuries. Some are familiar to even the most casual listeners, others are well-known by music fans, while others are more obscure. Flowers are often used in lyrics to represent beauty, growth, hope, or sadness.

Jedward And James Newman To Perform In Upcoming Eurovision Home Concerts

With the Eurovision Song Contest called off this year because of the COVID-19 crisis, Eurovision has been doing their very best to keep fans happy by providing plenty of content. In fact, there’s been so much incredible content that it could be hoped this will continue to be on offer once things go back to normal.

The Best New Classic Songs To Add To Your Christmas Playlist

We all love Mariah Carey’s iconic ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and we can’t imagine a December without classic tunes such as ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘White Christmas’. But with countless new Christmas albums and tracks released every winter, why not refresh your festive playlists with some of the best holiday songs released in the past few years? Essentially Pop is here to help you, with a list of the best holiday hits released in the last decade! There are only two criteria: every song must have been released between 2000 and 2019 and it has to be a brand new original song (no covers)!

The Essential Weekly Playlist Of: Owen Paul

The Essential Weekly Playlist is back, with a difference! Instead of YouTube links, now each artist has their own Spotify playlist of the songs which mean so much to them. Our first Essential Playlist for 2018 comes from Owen Paul. Be sure to give all the tracks a listen.

The ‘Rise’ of Brett Randell

Singer songwriter Brett Randell picked up his guitar and backpack and bought a one way ticket to Florence, making his way around the Mediterranean, with his only goals being to play music, meet people, and be inspired.

The Essential Advent Calendar

We’re launching The Essential Advent Calendar today. Be sure to pop back daily to see what’s behind each day’s number.

The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Brett Randell

Brett Randell joins Essentially Pop this week with his Essential Playlist. A sophisticated playlist from a man who’s travelled the world. Enjoy!

Katie Nicholas – ‘Dizzy’

We got Katie Nicholas to review her debut album, ‘Dizzy’.

Every UK Number One Song: Broken Wings

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Every UK Number One Song: She Wears Red Feathers

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Every UK Number One Song: Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes

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Every UK Number One Song: Outside Of Heaven

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