MAAD – ‘New Religion’

Originally from New Jersey but now based in LA, MAAD has established herself as a singer/songwriter, DJ, and fashion model. Her single ’90s Love’, released in 2016 from her EP, ‘Lé Funk’, saw that she was a formidable singer of state of the art R&B. Now she’s back, with her new track, ‘New Religion’.

The video for ‘New Religion’ was made by MAAD in collaboration with London-based Paulo Berberan, who splits his time between making music videos, narrative films, and documentary-style reporting on social issues. Berberan’s sensual style coheses perfectly with MAADs sultry pop-R&B, resulting in a very rewarding and compelling clip.
The setting for the video for ‘New Religion’ is in the California desert, and something has clearly gone wrong; the world is falling apart around them. But MAAD and her male co-star don’t mind – they’re stranded but they don’t responde when a rescue helicopter attempts to save them. So far as they’re concerned, it’s the end of the world and they’re the only ones in it who matter.
Check out MAAD online on her official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
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