Dan Marsh – ‘Undress’

Dan Marsh includes among his influencs the likes of Marvin Gaye and Anita Baker, and his single, ‘Undress’, set for release on 6 July is strong, passionate, and heavy.

Dan’s style is certainly unconventional with its sing-song stylings, his rhyming fast and furious. It’s not your typical love song, it’s powerful and driven by a skipping drum beat, as well as the really catchy rhythm of steel drums, and West Coast style synths, giving it a tropical feel.

Dan spent his childhood listening to Anita Baker and Marvin Gaye, as well as the electric pop/rock sounds of David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. He even had time for Australian band Men At Work, seeing the work of all these artists (and more) as being poetry set to musical rhythm. A budding poet himself, he set his own verses to beats, and practiced as much as he possibly could. When Michael Jackson died, Dan felt he had to share his own sound with the world.

“When I was in active duty [in the United States Air Force],” says Marsh of his defining moment to pursue music, “I realized that the loss of someone as important to this world as Michael Jackson put a charge on anyone with talent to share that talent as a means of spreading positivity to all.”

He took to the studio and recoreded ‘Daydreaming’, a different kind of love song, which told the story of the selfishness of being in love. He kept setting his own experiences to the beat of life, showing that it’s okay to be okay with being pushed out of our comfort zones.

“My music is about human progression,” says Marsh. “We get so comfortable in shortcomings that we get lost in what other people think we should be, when it’s okay to just be you.”

‘Undress’ is fairly confrontational, and draws on a plethora of personal experiences in order to try and break down some of life’s most puzzling questions through his music.It’s the follow-up to ‘Daydreaming’, which met with considerable online success. ‘Undress’ is poetically impressive, which is sure to satisfy Dan’s 16,000+ followers on Instagram.

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