Cleo Alexandra Re-imagines Men At Work’s Classic Track, ‘Who Can It Be Now?’, Just In Time For Halloween

If you’re an Australian of a certain age (*cough* like me *cough*), your brain will instantly start playing one particular song when you read the song title, ‘Who Can It Be Now?’. Back in 1981 Aussie rock legends Men At Work released their song of that name, with the saxophone hook by Greg Ham, and sultry vocals of lead singer Colin Hay making it a world-wide sensation.

Cleo Alexandra – ‘Who Can It Be Now’ – ft. Rick Springfield

To an Australian, mention the song, ‘Who Can It Be Now’, and you automatically think of the legendary Men At Work song, which was released back in the 80s. Cleo Alexandra, from Armidale, in country New South Wales, Australia, knows the song well. She’s given it a real twist, an almost sinister one, and is accompanied on the song by another Aussie legend, Rick Springfield.

Dan Marsh – ‘Undress’

Dan Marsh includes among his influencs the likes of Marvin Gaye and Anita Baker, and his single, ‘Undress’, set for release on 6 July is strong, passionate, and heavy.