The Essential Weekly Playlist of: Jess And The Bandits

We’ve been proud to support Jess And The Bandits pretty much from the start, and we love how far they’ve come and how far they’ve still to go. JATB are about to tour the UK and we caught up with them for their Essential Weekly Playlist.


I’m such a fan of Kelsea’s. I first learned about her through some mutual co-writers and instantly became a fan of her music. I absolutely love this track. It’s everything you’d want from a
pop/country song!


With a name like Sir Rosevelt, it makes you want to know who this guy is. I’m really loving his sound. He reminds me of a mix between Old Dominion and Sam Hunt. I see him being one to watch!


So every now and then I get away from Country and listen to everything but. I’ve been addicted to this song by NF for a while. Growing up I was a huge Eminem fan so I’ve always been attracted to rap music with a great music hook. This one has that. Something I love about NF is that his lyrics are clean. In rap, that’s rare. It’s all about his stories and truth without being littered with profanities and
degrading women.


Now I know it’s not one of his newest but it’s one of my favorites. Every single time this song comes on, I get excited. I can’t help but dance wherever I am, even in the middle of the grocery store!


The moment I heard this song I fell in love with it. In fact, my husband and I danced to it at our wedding so that makes it extra special. NEEDTOBREATHE are an incredible band. Most people are more familiar with their song ‘Brother’ with Gavin DeGraw. Such a great tune as well! It’s hard to choose a favorite song from any of their albums but this is one of them. Also one of the best live gigs I’ve ever been to!


This song is the perfect blend of new and old country. Cam has been off the map for a little while. I suspect because of getting married and having a baby… that takes up a lot of time! I’m glad to see her back though and with such a fun song. After a hit like ‘Burning House’ I’m sure she felt the pressure but she more than delivered!


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