Deen Anthony ‘Over You’ ft. Dylan Russell

Combining alternative, dance music and hip-hop may seem an unconventional idea, but to New Jersey native Deen Anthony it comes as second nature. Starting out on the drums for various bands, Deen feel into DJing by accident when a local rapper with whom he’d been working in his home studio asked him to come out and DJ for him. Deen honed his style in the EDM world, which brings live instruments to a pop dance style, and discovered that DJing served to bring out his creative expression.

Deen’s latest single, ‘Over You’, features vocalist Dylan Russell, and tells the story of when he broke up with his now ex girlfriend, and she moved from his apartment in New Jersey back to New York City. Every time he looked at the city skyline he was reminded of her face, and the time they spent together.
Deen Anthony makes a cameo in the video as a DJ in a club (of course!), but the male protagonist was played by actor Nick Matarazzo. The track has something for everyone in it – the soft vocals of Dylan Russell making it the perfect pop song, the dance beats making it a brilliant dance track; and the video more like a trailer for a movie than visuals for a song.

‘Over You’ by Deen Anthony is released via Tunecore, and can be streamed and downloaded from here. Find out more about Deen Anthony online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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