TLUXX – ‘7th Angel’ and ‘Round And Round’

Based in Los Angeles, up and coming EDM artist TLUXX is making a name for himself as a DJ. His new two club hits, ‘7th Angel’, and ‘Round And Round’ (ft Alina Renae), are the perfect showcase for his inventiveness and knack for infectious grooves.

TLUXX, real name Brian Johnson, grew up just outside Albuquerque, New Mexico, dreaming of becoming a professional baseball player. Tragically however his dreams were shattered when he had a major health scare, requiring serious surgery, which ended up on Brian being diagnosed with PTSD. Frequent panic attacks and anxiety became such a part of his life that it meant he was never going to achieve his ambitions. While in that dark corner however, he discovered the power of electronic music, and spent hours in his basement listening and absorbing the songs, producers, and community of the EDM scene. Realising this was his coping mechanism, he downloaded six free 2-week trials of Ableton Live on his computer under different emails before his mother finally gave in and bought him his first recording software: TLUXX was born.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, TLUXX went from basement demos to the west coast club scene, with his single, ‘Round And Round’ (ft Alina Renae) released at the end of summer, just in time to catch the last rays of the sunshine vibes. With a video featuring a beautiful dancer capturing the essence of a sunflower swaying in the wind, it literally takes us in circles, following the main character on a carousel. Lead vocals are provided by EDM producer/singer Alina Renae, taking the track from a fist-pumper to an all-out summer anthem.

TLUXX - Round and Round ft. Alina Renae

Second track, ‘7th Angel’, is dedicated to the friends TLUXX has lost, and is a reference to the Biblical Book of Revelation, in which the 7th Angel of God blows his horn, in order to fulfil God’s plans. Trumpets are heard throughout the track, honouring the sentiments of the 7th angel, with the video translating the song by way of a dancer’s free flowing body movements. Shot in LA, she dances in front of one of the many angels wings in the City Of Angels. It’s a compelling and moving piece.

7th Angel

Find out more about TLUXX online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud.

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