World War IX – ‘Thank God It’s Monday’

Brooklyn American punks World War IX have been on the scene for a while now and their new video, ‘Thank God It’s Monday’, the follow up to their previous, ‘Have You Seen My Drugs?’ is a hilarious, ironic riot.

‘TGIM’ is an energy filled punk rock track with a glorious tongue-in-cheek sketch-style comedic video. The song shares the same name as the comic book which chronicles the band’s misadventures – created by the band’s guitarist, Justin Melkmann. The clip follows the journey of a liquor bottle in an office, travelling from one employee to another, as they all pretend to be confiscating it – while all along keeping it for themselves. Watch around the middle of the video where you’ll see Justin’s comic making a special guest appearance.

In Crowd Zine wrote about World War IX,

“World War IX seem to be on a whole other mission to irritate some people, satisfy the old schoolers looking for something true to the core, and most of all, do it in such a quick period of time that if you love them you want more and if you hate them, they are happy they made you hate them in less than 10 minutes”

…and they’re not wrong. At just under 2 and a half minutes long, ‘TGIM’ is hard and fast punk rock and as fun as it is riotous, and will get your fist pumping and your heart pounding!

Check out World War IX online on Facebook and Twitter. You can name your price for ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ on WWIXs Bandcamp site. Also be sure to check out Justin Melkmann’s comics on his Tumblr.

World War IX -Thank God It's Monday


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