J Lauryn Drops Gorgeous Reggae Pop Album ‘Golden Year’ On 29th Birthday

Originally from Hawaii but now based in Los Angeles, J Lauryn blends reggae and pop with traditional Hawaiian rhythms to create her own sound.
The singer songwriter released her debut album, ‘Golden Year’, on her 29th birthday, and has guaranteed we have the perfect album for the summer. Stand out songs on the album include ‘Live Aloha’, which is as much a comment on living an environmentally conscious life as well as an incredibly uptempo, fun filled track, and ‘Full Moon’, an electronic and synth laden R&B number. ‘Rum & Ting’ winds up the album, and pulls us onto the beach with a reggae vibe so rich that we can feel, even taste, Jamaica, as well as the sweet and sour soft drink in the title of the song.
This might be her debut album, but Lauryn is no stranger to the music industry, having won a Grammy this year for a co-write on Ziggy Marley’s self titled album, and also co-writing tracks with Ashanti, and David Guetta. She also features on ‘Kick It’, by LA band, The Johnsons.
You can find J Lauryn online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundcloudYouTube, and her official website. ‘Golden Year’ is available on iTunes.

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