Charlie Higson ‘The Enemy’

A fan of horror? Are zombies your thing? Then check out ‘The Enemy ‘by Charlie Higson. 

Released in September 2009, ‘The Enemy’ is the first out of seven books about young teens and children fighting to survive zombies who have been consumed by a worldwide sickness.

‘The Enemy’ is a post-apocalyptic horror novel and talks about children fighting for survival with the main focus on two gangs, Waitrose and Morrisons. The gang names come from the shops they hide in. As you can imagine, things are crazy at the beginning of  “the disaster”, with everybody looting the shops and running away from the grown ups, but this book takes place a year after everything begun, so everyone is a little bit more settled down and used to things.

Buckingham Palace is featured in the novel as the safe place, where the leader David is wanting the Waitrose and the Morrisons gang to come and live safely.

You become very attached to the characters in the book, and even the ones that die in the first few chapters still mean a lot to you, which is why we recommend this book to anyone who can stand deaths of important characters.

We think that this book is amazing, well thought out and over all a good read. So don’t miss out!

Ideal readers for this series would be 12 and up, seeing as there are some gory scenes and strong language throughout.

You can order ‘The Enemy’ through WaterstonesWHSmith, and Amazon.

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