BangTower ‘With N With Out’

BangTower is an ensemble featuring Percy Jones, Neil Citron, Walter Garces, Robbie ”Pag”, Frankie Banali plus many more.

BangTower have just released their new album, ‘With N With Out’. An instrumental album, it’s great to be able to imagine your own lyrics. The tracks on the album are a perfect listening length as well. BangTower are a rock and jazz fusion, which is very unique. They were formed in the United States.

The BangTower project began in the late 2000’s as a progressive musical alliance featuring legendary bassist Percy Jones, who is best known for his work with “Brand X”, Los Angeles “Drum-Guru” Walter Garces of “The Electric Prunes”, and Grammy winning musician, engineer and producer Neil Citron.

‘With N With Out’ has thirteen tracks in total, each with quite a rocky vibe to them. It’s possible to identify the individual instruments, and you can sense that the artists are pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones, to create unique sounds – the instruments just mould together. You can listen to the tracks on the album in order, but each is strong enough to stand alone.

One song from the album, ‘Kitty’s Real Groove’, the song starts out with a good drum beat, coming from a rock inspired background, gradually changing to a more jazzy style, which really fits the song well. It has an uptempo beat which makes it easy on the ear. We think this song would be good to work out too as it is upbeat and motivating.

Another one of our favourites of the new album is, ‘Chipotle’. ‘Chipotle’ is track 3 on the album. We feel like this song has much more of a rocky vibe to it. It is a unique beat and makes you want to move and express yourself.

‘With N With Out’ is available now!

Find BangTower online on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and their official website.

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