Ed Sheeran Speaks About His Friendship With Jedward

Fans of both Ed Sheeran and Jedward alike have long known that the three have been good friends for many years, but it finally seems the media have cottoned onto the idea.

Ed Sheeran and Jedward JedSheeran

Speaking earlier this week on The Lorraine Show on UK TV channel, ITV, Dan Wootton from The Sun revealed that Ed had confirmed the three were close and had been for quite some time.

“I felt really sorry for Jedward, John and Edward of course, who were on Celebrity Big Brother, they came out and quite recently admitted, or claimed, to a lot of derision, that they are very close friends with Ed Sheeran and that they are going to be working on a dance track with him. And everyone said, ‘Oh this is Jedward making this up again, how utterly ridiculous, there’s no way someone like Ed Sheeran, an international superstar would be friends with them’.

So I had to ask Ed, so I did, and he totally backed Jedward, he said they are really great friends.”

Ed later told The Irish Sun:

“I love Jedward. It’s like a puppy, there is no way you can dislike Jedward.

“There is no side to them at all that’s nasty – they are just nice. For people not to like them is weird.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 1 in February, Ed said he once turned down the opportunity to go to a party with Paul McCartney, choosing instead to hang out with John and Edward.

“This is going to be a bad name drop but I once turned down a party with Paul McCartney to party with Jedward. That’s a fact”, Sheeran said.

Also in February, it was announced that John and Edward would be collaborating with Ed Sheeran on some musical projects in 2018. Ed went onto to say:

“If an EDM collaboration would happen with anyone, it would happen with Jedward.”

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