Despite Release New Album Synergi

Despite released a video for their second single off Synergi called, ‘Awakening’.

Metal band of Gothenburg, Sweden, Despite have released the much anticipated album, Synergi, July 2016 via Eclipse Records and have also released a video for their second single off that album, ‘Awakening’. Since it’s release, Despite’s new album, Synergi, has received nothing but praise from media publications, radio stations, and metal fans from around the world helping to propel the band to the top of the metal charts.

Despite creates their unique sound with three guitarist whom all play seven string guitars down tuned a full octave (drop E) which creates a deeper and darker melodic sound than that of standard tuning. The results are amazing with ground shaking thick tones and pounding high intensity rhythms combining to create a sound that hails from the metal gods themselves. “Despite rocks the living shit out of you, and they do it in a way that is ultimately surprising and refreshingly unique” – Goblet of Shock“this whole record is fantastic. Not a single weak point through its entirety” – Fen MetalDespite is one of those few gems amongst the rest that show they’ve got the talent, the sound, and the capability to stun us all” – Metal Addicts
Despite have released the much anticipated album Synergi July 2016 via Eclipse Records.

Despite released their first single ‘As You Bleed’, off of Synergi last year and received an abundance of positive feedback from many different media outlets.  Since then, the album has topped at #3 for thirteen weeks straight on Devil’s Dozen, a weekly countdown show hosted by Jose Mangin on SiriusXM Liquid Metal. The video release for ‘Awakening’ does not fall short from anything but spectacular with some great footage of the band in a gloomy rock quarry setting which fits perfectly with the feel and intensity of Despite’s music. The song structure of ‘Awakening’ seems to cover all the styles of their playing moving effortlessly from pounding double bass and scream vocals, to a melodic singing part that opens up in rhythm, and then back to a rhythmic breakdown that has some unique guitar effects. Their ability to form unique song structures really help to distinguish their sound.

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