Les Stroud The Survivorman Calls Us To Rescue His ‘Arctic Mistress’

Les Stroud is better known as ‘Survivorman’ – the joke cracking, nature-loving star of the TV programme of the same name. In this role he has taken on some of the most challenging – and beautiful – places on earth, with his show making compelling viewing, screened in to an international audience on the Discovery, Science, and Travel Channels, for the past 16 years.

Besides his life as ‘Survivorman’, Les Stroud is also a very talented musician, whose dedication to songwriting and performing is tackled with the same determination he exhibits on his programme. His songs illustrate his love for the earth, in a celebration of its power, vastness, beauty, and sadly increasing fragility. Les describes his style as ‘Earth Music’, and says his songs are written with a purpose, to raise consciousness about the mounting ecological challenges of the 21st Century.

Les’ latest single, ‘Arctic Mistress’, is the first track taken from his forthcoming album. It’s a reminder to us of the reality of the consequences of the melting of the ice caps: it’s an exciting, yet insistent song, and as an explorer with first-hand knowledge of the polar regions, Les Stroud knows what he’s on about. The video features stunning footage of the Arctic region – icebergs, glaciers, and snow covered mountains. Impressive and imposing – and yet undergoing massive change. There’s some shocking scenes that really capture the challenges that face the region, including an ice wall, weakened by warming, collapsing into the sea. It’s a sobering thought that some day this region which now sustains countless species of flora and fauna might one day no longer be here, leaving us with no choice but to act now.

You can find out more about Les Stroud and ‘Arctic Mistress’ on his official websiteFacebook and Twitter.

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