Les Stroud – ‘One Giant Farm’ (Warning: Graphic Imagery In Video)

Survivorman Les Stroud is no stranger to readers of Essentially Pop. His latest track, ‘One Giant Farm’, comes with a gorgeous, yet frequently graphic, music video.

Les Stroud – ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

Les Stroud is back, with his take on the Joni Mitchell classic, ‘Big Yellow Taxi’. The follow up to his single, ‘How Long’, Stroud is once again confronting his listeners by throwing out a challenge to not take the environment for granted.

Les Stroud – ‘How Long’

Les Stroud is probably best known to people from his hit TV show, ‘Survivorman’, which aired on Discovery Channel, and Science Channel. His love for the environment is never in doubt on his show, and he takes this commitment to his music as well, in his latest single, ‘How Long’. The song is accompanied by a video which, assisted by filmmaker, painter, and illustrator Matt Mahurin, sees Stroud issue a challenge to viewers to wake up and take action, before it’s too late.

Les Stroud The Survivorman Calls Us To Rescue His ‘Arctic Mistress’

Les Stroud aka Survivorman has released a poignant track, ‘Arctic Mistress’, ahead of his album due out this year.

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