The Carnabys Become Patrons of Music Venue Trust


UK indie rock band, The Carnabys, become the youngest patrons of the Music Venue Trust, helping to launch the “Save Live Music” initiative in order to help bring back live music from the brink of extinction.  

Since 2001 researchers have discovered that 35% of London’s live music venues have shutdown including landmark music venues such as The Marquee, Madam JoJos, The Astoria, and 12Bar Club. Relying heavily on the live music circuit as their main source of reaching their audience The Carnabys felt it necessary to join forces with Music Venue Trust in an effort to help save the UK’s depleting live music scene.

In response The Carnabys will put out their album ‘Too Much Never Enough’ for pre-sale three months in advance of it’s original release date in August in which the band will donate all their earnings to the Music Venue Trust. They will also be contributing to the cause throughout the promotional process of their new double-A-sided single ‘Scars and Safety Pins/Caught In The Rain’ ready for release on June 10th. It is no wonder why Music Venue Trust has recently announced The Carnabys as their latest patrons alongside Frank Turner, Slaves, and Elbow.

The CEO of Music Venue Trust, Mark Davyd comments,
“Venues and Artists need to work together to protect, secure and improve these venues so they are great spaces to play and to see live music. The Carnabys contribution will make a real difference to venues, raising the profile and directly supporting the work of Music Venue Trust so that we can continue to build a thriving network of live music venues across the UK”.
Jack Mercer of The Carnabys states,

“As a Live band, The Carnabys are second to none.  We’re totally dependent on that live venue scene being robust, supported and thriving. At the moment it is far from that.  Music Venue Trust has some heavyweight support, is vocal and well regarded by the industry and has a clear set of plans on how to support this sector of the industry. We will donate all of the band’s revenue from the pre-sales of this album to ‘Save Live Music’ – I don’t think this has ever been done before; certainly not by a young up and coming band.”

“It’s not all about TV shows and YouTube – sure they have a place, but not the only place – it’s like only being offered McDonalds and never being able to eat a decent meal again.  Unless this attack on live music venues stops, then we will all be eating McPop Music in the UK and the era of Great British Music will be over.”
The Carnabys were born out of the live music scene making it a pivotal piece in how they connect with their audience which is why they feel it is so important to keep it thriving and keep that avenue of music alive.  As a supporting band The Carnabys have played with the likes of Blondie, Lenny Kravitz, Kings Of Leon, Fratellis, Palma Violets, Bruce Springsteen, and Patti Smith but in 2016 the band has stepped away from support role and into main stage as they perform Camden Rocks June 4th and The Isle Of Wight Festival on June 12th.
To support The Carnabys fundraising push you can pre-order their album  ‘Too Much Never Enough’  here.  You can also visit the Music Venue Trust website.
For info and music about The Carnabys check out the bands iTunes, website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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