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Back in November we interviewed David from Calling All Astronauts, and talked about the band’s song, ‘Empire’. Their new album, ‘Anti-Social Network’, came out last month, so we thought it was high time we checked out David’s Essential Playlist.

Jimmy Eat World – ‘A Praise Chorus’

Our dear departed friend Dickie Hammond and I believed this is the greatest punk rock song in 20 years, every time I’d bump into Dickie at some stage the conversation would turn to this song and how both of us wish we had written it, on one of the occasions when I’ve seen Jimmy Eat World, they didn’t play it and I felt cheated for a week.

Time Zone Ft John Lydon – ‘World Destruction’

As you can tell by our music I like the idea of music that challenges people both musically and lyrically.

Here we have Hip-hop mashing it up with Punk Rock, two people both quick seminal in their genres hitting the note perfectly.

Beverley Knight – ‘Twist And Shout’

The TV is full of wannabees thinking they can sing, we are told the UK is starved of a great soul diva, and yet Beverley Knight has gone under the radar of most people, the first time I saw this, I must have watched it fifteen times in a row, a totally world class vocal that sets the hairs on your neck on edge.

Sisters Of Mercy – ‘Dominion’

An absolute classic of a video shot in the ancient city of Petra, Andrew, to many the King of Goth, turns up with the lovely Patricia wearing WHITE!!!

Jim Steinman’s production on the album ‘Floodland’ is just remarkable, I often reference it when mixing, in vain I may add.

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Dot Rotten – ‘Are You Not Entertained (Roksonix Remix)’

For the past decade Hip-hop has become increasingly diluted, an then along comes this monster, as a producer I’m working with a couple of rappers and I’ve made them listen to this track and NWA’s ‘Straight Outa Compton’ and told them this is the quality we want to end up with not some lame Trap beats.

Chase & Status Ft Delilah – ‘Time’

Awesome video dealing with the issue of domestic violence, I don’t think enough artists are willing to address socio-political issues, as it’s much easier to stick to cheesy love songs. Also the melody on the chorus is haunting, on a recent trip to LA I had it as an earworm for days on end.

Depeche Mode – ‘Policy Of Truth’

They started off as a unit shifting electro pop act, and somehow reinvented themselves as the kings of cool, I saw them a couple of years ago at a festival in Portugal, it’s not often I’m blown away by a live band nowadays, I seen too many, but they are just outstanding, this song manages to be emotional and sexy at the same time. You don’t get to say that very often.

The Offspring – ‘Gone Away’

I’ve actually seen The Offspring 31 times, J our guitarist was in a band called Caffeine that did two tours with them including Wembley Arena and Glasgow SECC, this is a really sad song but it just evokes so many happy memories for me, drinking and partying with The Offspring all over Europe.

Editors – ‘All Sparks’

I’m a big fan of late 70’s early 80’s Alternative and to me Editors do a modern version of it, great songwriters and really nice people, I love many of their songs, if you asked me on a different day I’d probably chose a different song, today it’s ‘All Sparks’, actually the bass that Russell played on their first album was used at times on our debut, it’s a long story, but we’ll leave it at that.

New Order – ‘Everything’s Gone Green’

Probably my favourite band and without doubt the most innovative band commercially speaking in forty years, everything about them is original.

They mixed dance and rock at a time the two wouldn’t share the same street, both New Order and Joy Division are massive influences on us as a band.

Occasionally when we are writing I’ve been known to turn to Paul and say “What would Peter Hook play in a situation like this?” hahahaha!

You can check out the whole playlist here:

Check out Calling All Astronauts’ new album, ‘Anti-Social Network’, out via Supersonic Media. It’s available on CD from eBay, by downloading from iTunes and Amazon, and to stream on Spotify. Find Calling All Astronauts online on their official website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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