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This week’s Essential Playlist comes from Max Holley, an up and coming singer songwriter. Max has been in the studio recently and we hope to premiere his music here soon.

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Johnny Cash – ‘I Hung My Head’

Growing up, I’d only ever heard of Johnny cash in reference to ‘Ring Of Fire’ but one day my dad played me his cover of Sting’s ‘I Hung My Head’, its raw emotion just completely got me, I still cannot listen to this song without choking up a little – I would recommend listening to it on your own through headphones if you really want to feel emotion.

Elvis Presley – ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

This has to be my all time fav from the King, I mean haven’t we all dreamed of singing this to our better half?

Jack Savoretti – ‘Broken Glass’

I have recently come across this amazing acoustic artist – the rough tone of his voice is incredible, this song captures everything I love about writing music, it has so much emotion in it and I can just imagine Jack pouring his heart out onto the page.

Pachino – ‘If It’s Love’

Another new one for me, I actually accidentally found this track when searching for a country song from Nashville (‘If It’s Love’ by Chris Carmack – also an amazing song). I loved the authenticity of this song and I’ve been playing it non-stop ever since I heard it. It takes you through 2 different songs almost, I just love it so it’s definitely worth the listen, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Newton Faulkner – ‘Dream Catch Me’

I will always remember how Newton Faulkner’s album ‘Handbuilt By Robots’ was the only CD we had in the car for a summer holiday in France when I was younger. A few albums later and I’m still a huge fan and have seen him live a number of times, however ‘Dream Catch Me’ has just always been a favourite for me! I love how the lyrics can just take you to your happy place whatever mood you’re in, it really is an inspirational song.

Lewis Watson – ‘Sink or Swim’
This song has always meant a lot to me, I find it to be very relatable and when listening to it, it takes me to places where it’s okay to be upset. Lewis is a young singer songwriter who plays the acoustic guitar, I think this is why he is one of the main reasons I began writing songs; I find him to be a very inspirational musician who has influenced the way I write my lyrics. I first heard this song in a TV programme, Made In Chelsea I believe, and I instantly Shazamed the song! I have been a big fan of him and his album ‘The Morning’ ever since. The album is very heartfelt and can play on your emotions a little but I find this to be one of the main reasons I enjoy his music – it makes me feel things that other music doesn’t.

Tor Miller – ‘Headlights’
Tor Miller is a young American singer songwriter, who is extremely talented and has a knack of writing mesmerizingly amazing lyrics. I first heard his single ‘Midnight’ and loved it so of course looked him up on YouTube, I found his cover of MGMT’s ‘Time To Pretend’, and also this song ‘headlights’ – this is my favourite song of his, I didn’t really realise how much I loved it until I was playing it over and over on my bus to school. Tor Miller is an excellent performer; it’s just him, the piano and your ears.

Luke Bryan – ‘Drink A Beer’

 I was first introduced to this song shortly after my Grandad passed away, the sheer emotion and hurt in the lyrics took me over, I was told to listen to the song on my own through headphones with my eyes closed: wow! 3 odd minutes later, I may have had a tear or two in my eyes. I am a strong lover of country music, as I love the stories that are told through the music, this is something that has influenced the way I write songs as I believe in telling the listener a story with a strong underlining meaning

Tom Petty – ‘Free Fallin’
Another that was recommended to me by my dad, he gave me Tom Petty’s album ‘Full Moon Fever’ and I remember playing it on my older brothers broken CD player, it was crackly and jumpy but it didn’t take away any of the quality of the tune! It is still a big favourite of mine and will never fail to make me sing along.

Kid Rock – ‘All Summer Long’ 

‘All Summer Long’ – the ultimate feel good song; this track could never fail to make me happy, it has been on every summer and party playlist I’ve ever made and it features as the last on this playlist too! This has to be one of my all time favourite songs, as I like the way it samples Warren Zevon’s ‘Werewolves Of London’ which I first heard in ‘The Colour of Money’. I am a big, big fan of Kid Rock and love his music from his early more rocky stuff to his later more country sound, I can’t get enough! 

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