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It’s been two years since Jedward have performed full concerts in Ireland and the UK, and fans were eager to see what the Dublin duo had in store for them. They were not disappointed. A four gig mini tour over Easter, taking in Dublin, Cork, Glasgow and London, John and Edward played venues which some might think were unusual for them, and yet in retrospect were the perfect size and style for their music. EP went on tour with Jedward, where we got up close and personal with the twins and their fans.

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Starting in Dublin’s famous Button Factory, the twins played to a near capacity audience made up of fans, the curious, and regular club goers. The Button Factory has played host to many diverse acts, including  Jello Biafra and Jacob Whitesides, as well as top name Irish bands, but this was the first time John and Edward had played at the venue. It was an excellent choice. Entry to the Button Factory is from the side, so no matter what time you get in, you have as good a view as anyone else. With an estimated crowd size of somewhere between 300 and 400, the twins played for over two hours, plus a short interval.

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Fans have always known that Jedward aren’t a “kids act” and yet it came a surprise for many that The Button Factory was an 18+ gig. This didn’t at all detract from the night, with everyone loosening up and feeling free to enjoy themselves. Prior to their performance the twins had a Meet and Greet, with concert goers paying to have some personal time with John and Edward. Initially limited to two hours, the interest was so great that the session went right up until just before the show started, with people queuing from the early morning, ahead of the 3.30pm Meet and Greet start time.

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At all four concerts, John and Edward sang from their 3 album back catalogue, played some acoustic covers, and introduced audiences to their self written songs, including their most recent, ‘Good Vibes’. The twins have released six tracks so far from their fourth album, all of which have been entirely written and produced by them. One concert goer, Nina, had flown from Germany to see the twins, attending all of the gigs.

I first saw John and Edward in concert back in 2011, and since then I’ve enjoyed watching them evolve to what and where they are now – independent, incredible, hard-working singers and songwriters, who’ve preserved their kind hearts and loving personalities in this tough industry.

I like that they put their hearts into their songwriting and give their all on stage.

Nina wasn’t the only one who had travelled a great distance: at the Dublin and Cork concerts the audience included fans who had flown from The United States, Canada, and Hong Kong, as well as from all over Europe. In Glasgow and London, fans from Italy and Belgium swelled the ranks, with the total number of different nationalities represented falling somewhere between 20 and 25.

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In Cork the twins performed an all ages concert, which was preceded by a soundcheck session, featuring a question and answer segment. Here the twins answered deeper questions that had been on the hearts of many fans, such as what their thoughts were on the music industry, on drugs and alcohol, and how they stay positive all the time.

Michael, from Cork, was at his first Jedward concert, although he has been a fan right from the beginning.

I’ve been a Jedward fan from day one, love their positivity and had only ever seen them in panto. To be honest I was nervous going to this concert alone as I thought I might be “too old” or feel too out of place, boy was I wrong! The soundcheck and Q&A session was fascinating and the other fans were so kind and welcoming I felt right at home. As for the twins themselves, what can I say? Friendly, charming and immensely talented. I’m looking forward to the next gig already and here’s to many more!

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The tour then moved on to the O2ABC in Glasgow, which again saw fans from all round the world line the streets in the hope of a Meet and Greet. Yet once more the demand was so great that they ran over time, with many left disappointed because they’d been unable to fit them in. Those who did make it through the doors left feeling they’d made a real connection with the twins, who are down to earth, and genuinely interested in their fans.

Mona and Sabi, from Germany, first became friends nearly five years ago, through their mutual love of Jedward. Since that time the pair have travelled together to Jedward concerts all over Europe, as well as meeting up on a regular basis.

Mona, from Germany has been a Jedward fan for nearly five years.
Sabi became friends with Mona through their mutual love of Jedward.
John and Edward make every single one of us happy in an individual way. The Meet and Greet was crazy fun. We jumped around on a sofa, gave each other full on cuddles and talked about memories we have together. We all know each other pretty well after years of loving them and the twins set themselves on everyone personally: a M&G with them is not just a hello, picture and bye.
We love travelling for them because they always give us the feeling of being someone special, they never fail to make us smile, and they let us be ourselves. It’s living in the moment with them, and the real world out there doesn’t matter. They never act like pop stars, and there is this special relationship between them and all of us fans. It’s their unconditional love and positivity that makes every second unforgettable.

The packed venue enjoyed a solid two and a half hour energy-filled performance from the twins, who impressed concert goers with old favourites as well as their new self penned material, and hauntingly beautiful acoustic covers.

Glasgow was the first Jedward concert for music fan Jane, from Nottingham, who attended with her daughter, Rosie.

Rosie attended her first Jedward concert with her mother Jane. The pair had travelled from Nottingham to Glasgow.

The Meet and Greet had some amazing moments that’s for sure, in making me and Rosie feel so special!! It was my first Jedward gig, and I’ve been to many in my life, but for me – it felt magical – their stage presence and magnetism and how they interact and work the crowd – we felt as one with them and each other: Team Jedward!! Lovely too to hear their vocals, particularly in the acoustic session.

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The final concert was at The Garage, Highbury and Islington, considered to be one of London’s “landmark” venues. The Garage opened in 1993, and has played host to the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Green Day, Muse, and My Chemical Romance. It was a first time performance from Jedward however, drawing a crowd not too dissimilar to that of The Button Factory in Dublin – fans, regular club goers, and those curious to see what John and Edward had to offer.

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Molly had attended all the dates on this tour, but it was the club gigs that meant the most to her.

It was an absolute blast to finally see John and Edward live again in the UK after so long! It was amazing to experience club gigs for the first time because the atmosphere was not what I was expecting! The gigs were intimate, meaning the twins were all up for interaction with the audience around them, and although the crowd was crazy, everyone was friendly and danced with each other and around each other; making the gig an amazing place to be.

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Londoner Katie had also attended all the gigs, but was pleased to be able to bring some local friends to The Garage, to show them what John and Edward mean to her.

The Garage is a special venue for me and my friends as it’s the first club we ever went to for a gig as teenagers, without adult supervision. It brought back so many memories being there with them, and it was the perfect setting for one of my first full-length Jedward shows. I knew everyone would be won over by John and Edward’s energy, humour, and passion, and they absolutely were. The boys had the crowd totally captivated, and everyone was swept up in their unique brand of unpredictable showmanship. We even had a mass Titanic sing-along and an impromptu Britney number. Probably the most fun we’ve ever had with our clothes on!

Jedward showed with this tour that after seven years, they’re still going strong. They showed that it’s possible to make an independent living in music, and it’s not necessary to have your songs played on the radio, or to be on TV 24/7, or to be featured in the newspapers or magazines every week. It’s not necessary to be involved in scandal, nor is it necessary to be signed to a big record label. Jedward show that what is needed is not just talent, but also hard work and perseverance. In the words of one of their more recent songs, “you’ve got to make your own luck, spread your wings and fly”.

‘Good Vibes’, as well as the rest of Jedward’s music, is available to download from iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital, HMV Digital, and Google Play. You can also stream it on Spotify and other streaming services.

Jedward - Good Vibes

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