Essential Advent Calendar: NJ Taylor – ‘So You’

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Moving away slightly from traditional Advent Calendar songs, it’s Day 12 and we open the door on NJ Taylor, with her song, ‘So You’.

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Canadian singer NJ Taylor’s latest song, ‘So You’, was released yesterday. The previously released lyric video for the single has had over 70,000 YouTube views, with the numbers still rising. NJ will be releasing an acoustic version of ‘So You’, as well as a remix by San Paulo based DJ and producer, Edson Pride. NJs eponymous EP will be out early 2016.

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NJ played violin during her childhood and teen years, which she also spent writing songs, singing, dancing, theatre. From there she moved onto University to study Italian and Spanish (she was already fluent in English and French), and it was there, after even enrolling in a theatre programme, that she decided that music was where she belonged.

“I want to inspire. Yes, I aspire to inspire,” says NJ. “I want to make people feel something, make them reflect. I would be so lucky to have my music become the background music to the soundtrack of their lives. I love exploring different topics other than the typical love songs. I want to be a positive influence.”

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NJs previous singles, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Pop Army’ have garnered the singer a lot of praise, with ‘I Don’t Care’ receiving airplay in Canada and also featuring in the TV show, ‘Sex & Ethnicity’. ‘Pop Army’ made it to the semi-finals of the 2015 UK Songwriting Contest, in the Pop, Acoustic/Folk, and Electronic/Dance categories. ‘So You’ has similarly been lauded, reaching the semis of the Unsigned Only Music Competition (Pop/Top 40) and in the Adult Contemporary category of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2014. ‘So You’ was also nominated in both Pop and Americana/Folk/Acoustic categories for Hollywood Music in Media.
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You can find NJ Taylor online on her website, Facebook and Twitter.
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‘So You’ is available on iTunes.
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