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We featured Caleb Joye the other day, and spoke of his crisp, professional sound, that any big name would be proud of. Now we let the man himself tell us his story:

EP: Can you introduce yourself to those readers who may not be familiar with you yet?

CJ: Most people know me as a producer and engineer from Nashville, TN. I worked on many hit records and helped develop new talent with my own production company as well (Jigsaw Productions). I moved to Florida about five years ago in search of a better quality of life. The music machine took its toll on my creativity and outlook on life in a negative way. I think many people don’t understand that any position in the music industry can become a grind no matter how glamorous it is. Also, there is so much talent there in that one city, that you have to compete fiercely on many levels a daily basis to stay relevant. That’s just not the life style I wanted anymore.

EP: What first drew you towards creating music?

CJ: Inspiration! When I was six or seven I had an old Casio keyboard my Grandfather let me borrow and I would sit around his house for hours captivated by the synths and 16 Beats that came out of that thing. Even at that age, the sounds literally captivated me and inspired me to perform for my family. I was instantly addicted to the rush and inspiration that came from hearing new dynamic sounds. Even now, I still search daily for new sounds whether it be a guitar riff, drum loop, or synth, that inspire me to create something unique and fun.

EP: Who are your musical inspirations?

CJ: I grew up listening to everything but most notably, Phil Collins, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and Green Day as early influences. Now I’m more into Dan Croll, Thievery Corp, Two Door Cinema Club, Augustana, The Script, and Keith Urban.

EP: How would you describe your musical style?

CJ: My style is very dynamic and all over the place currently; Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Indie-Pop, Nu-Jazz. But nowadays, performing live it translates to heavy pop with a taste of the beach.

Caleb Joye4EP: You write and produce all your own music, do you feel it’s important to maintain that level of creative control?

CJ: It’s good in the sense that I can determine my own musical destiny and not be controlled by a record label or business needs, but in the short term, I wish I had more time and opportunities to collaborate with other writers and producers. I write mainly from improvisation, also known as “jamming” and everyone knows that gets old on your own. I’m all about co-writing and producing given the opportunity and time. A collective effort is always more rewarding and makes me less critical in the end.

EP: Have you ever been tempted to form a band, or do you prefer to work solo?

CJ: I’m always looking to start a band. The problem these days is finding the right people with a decent personality, talent, time, and a vision for the future. Also finding the right venues that will actually pay proper amounts are few and far between.

 EP: What do you enjoy away from the music, how do you relax?

CJ: I live near the beach so I’m always cruising down there on my bike to catch the sun and the waves. I love eating! I’m a southern boy at heart and I’m always looking for new places to try around St Augustine!

EP: Is there any artist you would love to write a song for?

CJ: I would love to write for Keith Urban! Being from Nashville, I understand the country songwriting formula on many deep levels and I feel like I connect with Keith’s existing writing so much.

EP: What’s next on the cards for you?

CJ: Currently I’m looking for film and TV placement opportunities as well as writing new songs everyday. I hope to release a LP next summer and do a house show/small venue tour.

You can find Caleb online on Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, YouTube and his official website. All photos used are from Caleb’s Instagram.

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