I Feel Good: We Speak With BlueNevada

Earlier this month we took the opportunity to write about BlueNevada‘s latest thought-provoking single and video, ‘How Do You Feel’. The track challenges the listener to consider what is most important in their lives, and what they can do without. With such a philosophical concept, we felt it was only right that we should chat with the band themselves.

Hi there, thank you for speaking to us today!

Our pleasure, thanks for having us.

How did you come up with the name for your band? Did you have any other ideas and if so what were they?

I think the only idea we had at first was to start a band. It didn’t take long for us to put our middle names together. Shannon’s middle name is Blue and my middle name is Nevada.

Your new single, ‘How Do You Feel’, is a challenge for people to question what’s necessary in their lives and to “stop and smell the roses”. How did you come about the theme for the song, and how have you effected this in your own lives?

Thinking philosophically about the world and our society and how we are all in such a hurry all the time, I’ve often wondered why we stress so much in life. I guess I was questioning if it’s worth it. But also why do we believe that this is the only way to be. Where is it leading us to stay on the same path we are on as a society? That’s the, “How Do You Feel Today” part. Adults feel trapped in this, like they have to play the game in order to survive. The mind of a child does not have those boundaries in what they believe.  It might be possible that we all take ourselves and all of this around us, a little too seriously.

How have we effected it in our lives?:

In life, Shannon and I are both pretty chill people. We’ve always stopped to smell the roses. I guess growing up, we were taught about the importance of love and an appreciation for life and the natural world.

What do you feel people should do to make the world a better place to live in?

You know, it really boils down to what you do every day. That’s the part you control. Do your best to make your world better for yourself and everyone around you.

Do you feel musicians are uniquely placed to promote change in the world? Or should they stand back and instead use music to entertain or distract from the terrors around us?

I think the world has many different types of songwriters, just like it has many different types of people. Songwriters writing in different ways, for different reasons, sounds like a freedom I would not like to take from any of them. I am sure some uniquely promote change and others do a great job of distracting too. At BLUENEVADAMUSIC, we tip our hats to all of them.

Who are your musical inspirations and why?

Pink Floyd, James Taylor, The Grateful Dead, Violent Femms, Bob Marley, Neil Young, Jimmy Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, G Love and Special Sauce, The Eagles, Sublime, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Cat Stevens, Blues Traveler, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Clash, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Sex Pistol, David Bowie, Van Morrison, River Bottom Nightmare Band, Frogtown Hollow Jubilee Jug Band, Rage Against the Machine, Steel Pulse, The Rolling Stones, Parliament, Peter Tosh, Willie Nelson, Little Feet, Blind Melon, Phish, Mom.

Our mother had a band that practiced in our house when we were growing up. The answer to why all these artists influenced us; is that we have always been thirsty consumers of music. Even today we listen to new music all the time. A lot of different artists’ music helped to shape the musicians we are today.

Similarly, who inspires you in life?

There are so many things about life that we write about. Lovers, the beauty in the world, the problems in the world, friends, family philosophy, fun times, etc. Both Shannon and I have songs that are about romance or break ups. We also write a lot about the world around us and inside of us. Philosophical or introspective types of thoughts turn into songs. You know, if you look for a common thread: anything that causes a powerful emotional response, might become a song.

What’s next for BlueNevada? What can fans expect?

We’re recording a full-length album, an LP, right now! This album release is going to kick off a whole new era for BLUENEVADA, with more videos and a tour. Updates and sneak peaks will be available leading up to the release.

Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? And what is the answer to that question?

INTERVIEWER: Would you like to visit our free seafood buffet?

BLUENEVADA: Yes, yes, we would love to visit your free seafood buffet?

Watch the video for ‘How Do You Feel’ here. You can find out more about BlueNevada and their music online on their official websiteFacebookTwitterInstagram, and TikTok

BlueNevada - How Do You Feel

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