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DaCorey Smith, performing under the stage name of ‘Kidschiz’, is an independent artist from Texas. He recently released his second digital EP, ‘Organics (Pt 2)’, which was written, produced, and composed  entirely by him. With his music covering a diverse range of styles, including Hip Hop, Jazz, R’n’B, Soul and acoustic (among others) Kidschiz’s aim is for his music to reach the right people, and to leave a mark on the world. We get the downlow on what makes Kidschiz tick.

EP: Kidschiz is an interesting name! What’s the background behind that? In short, tell us the Kidschiz story!

K: Thank you, I think it takes people a moment to fully take in the name. When I had first started this project I had in mind the fact that a lot of people in this world are so sucked into the everyday living as they allow work that they hate, everyday bills, etc., to put them into depression, or to create heavy stress on there being. We all just want to reach that childlike optimism, but it so hard to retain that optimism alot of the time. I, as an artist just wish to reach out to people in a positive manner. I stand strongly behind the idea of ‘love’ and that is what I am here to spread. I say some things that people may think, but would rather not say.

I started this project a few years back, late 2012 I believe, I released a demo mixtape over some beats I found on YouTube. I noticed the music started to reach out to people, but I had intentionally released it for my friends to hear. Ever since then I’ve been finding more of my sound and growing with my craft.

EP: What style is your music, for those of our readers who mightn’t be familiar with you?

K: I don’t really like boxing myself into any specific genre, because that makes me feel limited. I like to keep it diverse, but if I had to explain my ‘style’ I’d say it ranges from hip hop to rhythm & blues, acoustic, pop, a little bit of soul, and jazz..

EP: Talk us through ‘Organic’s (pts 1 and 2).

K: ‘Organics pt.1’ was shortly released after my single release with former England producer HedJet. We were working on releasing a mixtape, but it just kind of fell through. I created Organics pt.1 to express a different style outside of just hip hop. I play guitar, bass, and keys, and I can dabble around with drums as well. So, I took those talents and slowly learned the recording and mixing process on my own. I am self taught with each instrument that I play. Everything with these two releases is composed, written, and produced entirely by myself and that’s where the title ‘Organics’ sparks from. I had no outside help when it came to each project, and I didn’t fully understand the process of mixing, but I learned along the way. I kept ‘Organics pt.1’ simple, and I wanted each song to be something positive. ‘Organics pt.2: Why, and How?’ gets a bit more complex whilst keeping its simplicity. Each track has some sort of underlined meaning, and the last track ‘The Chase pt.2’ of ‘Organics pt.2’ ties the meaning of each song together. If you are doing what you love, but feel as if you seem stuck as your devoting so much time, but feel as if you’re getting nothing out of it. Just know if you follow what’s in your heart with good intentions only good will come of it all. Never give up, because it then that you’ve lost. Always carry that love.

EP: Where do you see yourself in a year’s time? In 5 years’ time?

K: In a year I see myself playing a lot more shows outside of my state, and collaborating with some talented artists.

Me and my right hand man, S.P are starting a movement called ISM crew which stands for ‘Indigenous State of Mind’ Crew. We have a vision that in the next 4 years we will be touring internationally and slowly bringing this movement to the people. You’ll be hearing more about it in the next few years or so.

EP: What’s your take on the current state of the music industry, and what advice do you have for anyone wanting to get into it?

K: I think the music industry is now being forced to accept the more aware conscious music. We are in a day and age where the awareness rate is rising fast. I think that balance of mainstream music that lacks substance, and the music that speaks of truth is good. I’m not too far deep into the music industry to fully understand, but I think music industry has a lot of darkness too it, especially business wise.

My advice for those wanting to get in is to have the knowledge of not only the music, but also the business aspect. If you’re an Independent artist, you’ll want to have that understanding. Know what you’re doing this for and always remain true to yourself. Don’t worry about what people may assume of you, because once you start caring what others think it will mess with your thought process.

EP: If you could do it all over again, what, if anything, would you do differently, and why?

K: Well, I started off in a band that had a lot of potential, but we lacked organization, and knowledge in a lot of things. So, if I could do it all over I’d want to be a little more organized and educated.

EP: Three songs/artists to look out for right now?

K: Mick Jenkins is one of me favourite artists of this time. Check out ‘Get Up, Get Down’ by him. Look out for S.P, coming soon, and Hiatus Kaiyote. ‘Molasses’ by Haitus is great, and ‘Jekyll’ is nice also.

EP: Do you feel it’s important for artists to retain creative control of their work? If so, why?

K: Yes, of course. As an artist I wouldn’t want anyone choosing what I write, or create. That’d make my entire existence as a creator feel ashamed.

EP: What question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does?

K: ‘What puts fear into my mind as I get closer to my goals/dreams?’

You can buy ‘Organics (Pt 1)‘ and ‘Organics (Pt 2)‘ from Kidschiz’s Bandcamp site. You can also find Kidschiz on Twitter.

Listen to Kidschiz perform ‘The Chase (To Be Continued)’ recorded live on the streets of Austin, Texas, complete with street noises. Kidschiz’s beautiful voice and skilled guitar playing shine through regardless:

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