‘Come As The Sun’ And Come As You Are This New Year, With Sasha Siem’s Latest Track

Sasha Siem’s latest track, ‘Come as the Sun’, is an invitation for each of us to come as we are, to show up this new year, flaws and all… Sasha Siem blends her knowledge of composition with the latest, cutting edge musical and metaphysical research to create music that will align you, body and soul, with the fresh energy and potential of the new year. 

Siem has used the controversial Love Frequency, also known as 432Hz, to record her upcoming album, Holy. It’s a way of connecting with the universe through the power of song, physically relaxing the body as listeners’ systems release chemicals in a biological reaction. The music encourages taking a step back from the fast-paced modern life of today’s climate, and is an imaginative addition and perfect complement to Siem’s music.

‘Come as the Sun’ is Sasha at her best, with her signature intricate production style swirling around and encompassing her warm and comforting vocals. It’s the auditory equivalent of a walk in the woods with sunbeams streaming through the trees – warm, welcome, organic and quietly joyful. It encourages the listener to remain true to their core self, with Sasha describing it as “an invitation to settle into the centre of your being and shine gloriously”. The song’s varied musical elements are held together by Sasha’s warm and comforting vocals, which rise serenely over the top of truly transportive instrumentation.

The video is satisfyingly simplistic, with Sasha and her band performing the song atop the rooftop of a building, as the sun rises. It aligns perfectly with Siem’s intentions to remind us to be grateful for the most basic things in life – to live, to breathe, to see the arrival of a new day.

Watch the video down below:

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