Introducing Symon, The Celebrated Busker

Symon’s story is truly inspirational. A graduate from the Royal College of Music, Symon had decided against taking his music any further, due to the sense that he felt he hadn’t fully grasped the depth of the artform, and was making his way in the corporate world, as an accounts executive at Thomson Reuters. Although, he occasionally performed the gig for fun.

Sadly disaster struck, when Symon’s son, Andre was diagnosed with the very rare condition Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM). Forced to give up his job to become his son’s full time carer, Symon turned to busking for a few hours a day, to keep his family afloat. The flexibility of busking allowed him to earn money, but it also offered him respite and helped him maintain human contact outside his own family bubble.

Symon soon started testing his own material in front of an ever-changing audience, organically developing his skills as a performer and a songwriter. By lucky chance, Symon’s music career suddenly took a turn for the better, when he was spotted busking outside the offices of acclaimed ex-Polygram CEO, David Hockman, who was blown away!

With Andre now in remission, Symon is now excitedly building towards the release of his debut single, ‘Cherry Tree’, which was composed on the London Underground, as a soulful metaphor for the moment couples meet at a specific time and place. Whether they continue to meet year after year, or if their liaison proved fleeting, that moment of waiting in that special place will always remain cherished.

Symon continues to busk as his main source of income, choosing a life of happiness and creativity over the high income his life in the city once gave him.

‘Cherry Tree’ will be out on 25 September.

About the author

Juliet is married with one daughter, a dog and a cat. She grew up in East London, but currently resides in Hertfordshire.

Having spent her formative years in the Mod scene, she has a lot of love for the 60’s...and the music of the Mod Father, Mr Paul Weller.

Juliet has always loved to write and began training to be a journalist, before ill health caused her to put her life on hold.

Two kidney transplants later, she still enjoys all kinds of writing, including poetry, and has had several poems published in various magazines and anthologies. She likes needlecraft, is big on animal rights and loves discovering brilliant new artists that the main stream media may have overlooked.

Last, but by no means least, she has a lot of love for two very talented Irish twins, you may know them as Jedward :)

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