Arthur Walwin: ‘Sleepless’

Arthur coverArthur Walwin is a difficult chap to categorise as his music whilst fitting in with any standard of popular music also has an underlying rock to it. The combination of electronic sounds and heavier bass would fit in a nightclub setting but also rings similar to bands such as Metro Station and perhaps even Enter Shikari who would be listed in the rock genre.

White Wine’ is the second single release from the album ‘Sleepless’ and lyrically draws on the sensation and addictiveness of alcohol and its bittersweet effects. Musically, it is definitely more geared to the dance market and if that is what Arthur was aiming for it has certainly done the job.

Hard to Love’ the first release has a more romantic ballad style although still embracing the dance vibe and although this is not the style of music you might choose for an easy listening moment you have to admire the energy and passion he has put into it.

This Feels Like Summer’ has a slight variation on vocal style more common with what you’d expect to hear from indie bands but in a way contributes to diversifying the songs and ensuring there is no monotony.

As a whole, Arthur has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this album and it shows and I am sure that he will reap the benefits of his commitment.

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