Get Out Me Car! A Year Of Tish

Tish and Mum

A year ago yesterday Tish Simmonds went from a normal 19 year old to an internationally famous personality. On summer break from college, Tish decided to try out the new app, Vine, and recorded a tiny little video (Vines are only 6 seconds long) of herself pretending to drive her mother’s car. The Vine caught the attention of the public, and went viral, especially after she put it on her Twitter account. Now, her Vines have been seen – at time of writing – an incredible 190,596,750 times…and that’s just on the App itself. Her Vines have crossed over into other social media platforms, such as Twitter and YouTube, giving her an even wider audience.

How has life changed for Tish? She’s still at College, and has passed her first year in Animal Care. But her life is a lot more interesting than before, having appeared in advertisements, in magazines, and spoken on radio. You might even remember our exclusive interview!

Does Tish have any regrets? She told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner yesterday:

“If I hadn’t done the video my life would probably be boring. Now I’ve got loads of new friends – some really close ones too.

“I’ve met loads of people – I went to Dapper Laughs’ stand up show and I met him at the after party. It was awesome – he’s hyper, like me!

“People are still stopping me in the street for pictures. I never say no to a selfie!”

Tish and her Mum Dawn, who co-stars in many of her Vines, are spending the summer doing public appearances, including a trip to Scotland. And later this year, they’ll be appearing in ‘Wideboys The Movie’:

“I’m not allowed to say anything about it just yet but we will be filming in Brighton or London and I think there will be lots of stars in it who people will recognise. I’m really excited about it!”

To commemorate a year of ‘Broom Broom’, Tish has released a follow up video – check it out here!

anniversary I'm in mum car BROOMBROOM one year today

You can find Tish on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and of course Vine.

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